Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome To Saturday Night

Welcome To Saturday Night

Well people how is your night going??? Well I am going super as I've just been out on a saturday night chattin' with the shielas *some colloquial language for you aussies* and drinking with the mates. I'd just like to say that man a flask full of bourbon doesn't go very far these days. What am I saying? This post is even boring me! If I were you I wouldn't read on from here but spoiler alert it gets better... I think.

Haha it was google fail for this one and google fail very rightly it was? Does that sentence make sense?

Ok so this isn't a very relavent post considering the state of my body and mind, it's rather a check up on my blog. I wanna keep this stuff dynamic so I gotta be regular with my updates. So people! You know what you should do. Post me a comment telling me the colour of your hair or something. Or maybe, maybe the name of your pet and try typing it with your elbow. That might be a good idea. Yeah do that. Sorry for the non sensicle ramblings but I'm having fun doing this post :).

It was I can't think straight for this image. Huh I wonder why 0.o...

Along with my prior challenge set up above ^ I want you to type something lame/wierd into google and link to the wierdest image on the front page. I honestly don't expect anyone to actually reply to this post considering the newness *zat a word?* of my blog and the time people have to spare. But come on take some time. Who would of thought from the example above right :)

Anyways congratz to my brother Ben who just bought a house, and my brother Tom for getting a set of golf clubs. Tom has already got a house in the inferior country to NZ, Australia, so gratz for back then I guess, but staying in the present I hope Ben you have the best for your new house. His blog is up in the blog roll. Check out his travel blog, he may not be traveling in the recent but it's cool to see where he's been and what he's done, give it a look it's pretty cool.

Bro Ben with a tiger. See more at Ben and Kerri's Travel Blog

So another quick check up due to shortness of time and drunkness of Sam. Sorry for the slight sloppy approach to my blog once again. But honestly, retweet this and stuff, leave me a comment on whats happenin', it's always good to see whats up.

Cya round people, stay chilly!


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