Sunday, December 5, 2010

Myspace Face

Myspace Face

It is a well documented about fact that when someone is uploading a photo of themselves to Myspace (most typically girls) a phenomenon occurs where they decide to push their lips out and to the side to make them look like hard out douche bags.

Here we have a mild case, the lips aren't pushed to the side like other cases however these duck lips as more commonly known around the internet are probably a result of social networking

A truly horrid specimen here with three people degrading themselves and the human race with a triple Myspace face.

It is true I like to mock these self esteem craving twigs by pulling the Myspace face in many of my photos. However I do not upload any of these photos to Facebook, Myspace or any other social networking site because it obviously looks hideous, well not too obviously because we still see thousands of photos of chicks pulling this horrendous face.

Now as I said in my last post, I would show you my new haircut and talk about the said "Myspace face." I have done one so far now get ready for the double wammy!

Myspace face and new haircut! Chapow!

This one is just my hair from the other angle.

My old hair is back in this post.

So I hope you've enjoyed my post on the phenomenon of Myspace face o and my new haircut.

If you read my last post you'll know my dad is in hospital atm, just an update, he's still in a lot of pain and talking drivel due to the morphine yet he is getting better and nothing has gotten worse so thats a plus sign.

Cya guys, again stay safe.

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Exams Are Over!

Exams Are Over!


I'm back after a big break, and it's actually quite a sad note. I am on holidays now and my exams have finished yet yesterday my dad was painting my brothers house when the trestle they were standing on broke. He fell and has broken his ankle severely and his back as well. He has a fractured spine yet the spinal nerve wasn't damaged and he can move his toes arms and they think he'll be walking with a back brace in a little while. He's in hospital and my family has been in a distressed state lately running around like headless chickens.

So what I'd like to say is stay safe this summer/winter guys (Summer in NZ) because accidents like this can easily happen my brother feels really guilty as it was his trestle and he chose to paint the house himself instead of hiring people. However no one blames my brother and we all agree it was just an accident, but if I was in my brothers position It would be hard not to feel guilty. All I can say is get well soon dad and Ben don't feel hard on yourself, Dad will be alright.

On another note, my t-shirt Idea didn't go ahead because one of the image designers never came back to me so I decided to scrap it. However I have opened a zazzle store and I'm just experimenting with things, drawings, photos yadeyayaya so something may come about from it, if I get time.

Zazzle Store!

You would expect a rather eventful post considering I've been gone so long but with all the hastle of things happening I can't say I've really had time to sit down and focus. So I'll link the couple of articles I wrote at Triond (earn money writing here). So yes I am sorry and more will come out.

Lets have a funny picture because this post is quite sad and bland.

Old Zac Effron and Vanessa?

Saw that one on the net, made me giggle :)

Lets add some photos from the last little while!

Me at the museum, they must've caught me in my private moment with A.aferensis.

Museum again, Fanta from way back.

Nemo, at the museum.

Me at the museum, my hairs really long :p

Museum still, I didn't take many photos so I took one of myself :( I live a sad life.

My Myspace face I put on for my friends :D (Thats a whole different post idea...)

Mates at school.

Me with my mate Alex!

Again, Myspace face!

Mates at school again, I've got my C's up!

C's up again haha.

Jumping behind Mitch and taking a photo, ha.

Doing the same with my physics teacher.

Peter on the bus

Da bus :p

Myspace face on the bus, I should stop that... And my hairs really long...

Those are a few photos from the last few weeks at school and the museum and my Myspace face, hope you enjoyed that flattering face of mine. I actually have had my haircut since then and in my next post about the Myspace face I'll upload a picture of my new do.

So guys this may have been a shit post but I'm back and still busy inconveniently. I'm doing my best to get some time but with my Dad breaking his back it may be a struggle.

Stay safe guys and have a sweet summer/winter.

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