Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Tiger Woods, How's Being Single?

Dear Tiger Woods, How's Being Single?

Dear Tiger Woods

It has come to my knowledge that you have recently split up with your wife, and for that I am sorry. I do however like your views on teaching young kids about sex education as you obviously are quite adept in this practise. You're setting such a lovely image for your admirers

"13 years ago, my Dad and I envisioned helping children through education. That work is unchanged." - Tiger Woods

It is a great shame to see such an iconic figure such as yourself stoop to such lows but can we blame you? Long tours away from your wife, home and dearly beloved. It's all justification to have sex with over 120 women...

"Starting tomorrow I will return for more treatment and therapy"

The only thing I can pull from this is that you are starting to return to something? All I can say is that it is kinda sucky to see a great sporting hero to many go so wrong. It's like when Chris Brown ragdolled Rihanna or when we found out the only reason Paris Hilton was famous was because we could look at her naked on the internet. It's these subtle let downs I choose to prey on and make the best of. So in the words of Joey Tribiani

"If you're going to do it wrong, do it right!"

And can we deny that you didn't ole Tiger ole pal?

Yours with love

P.S! More grill letters! Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay again, Miley Cyrus

In all honesty though. My view on Tiger Woods professional career is unchanged. I still think he's an iconic golfer and to let his personal life get in the way of his image may be hard to look past (I'll refrain from the obvious self set up joke) but hey, life's life we gotta move on... And not have sex with everything in our path. :) 121... jeez...

Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Draw?

How To Draw?

Something that has been bugging me lately is my lack of the ability to draw, and to be more specific the lack of being able to draw on photoshop. I can draw adequately with a pen (still no freaking artist), but when it comes to photoshop and "painting" I can't get my mouse around drawing the lines and especially shading! It just doesn't seem to work! I know it's one of those practise makes perfect things (I've been drawing in all my classes :))

K I think these are all going to be on there side. I'll say it now. Sorry for the bad quality and just as an FYI. That sign he's holding says "Will work for oil"

This one's fine but I got half my shadow in it. Grrrr night time and house lights.

And this is a kitty cat! No more to say there...

That's pretty much as far as my drawing skills go. Nothing special but I thought you guys might wanna have a look. I also made the photo in this post with photoshop. Go check it out. PRETTY COLOURS.

So yea nothing too special for this post. I'm going to continue drawing to try and become awesome at it. Along with other things, trumpet... Under water hockey (gotta make NZ team in the next few years). All those things are soon to come and you better be around to see them! Follow me in other words. :)

Cya people, keep on drawing!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy 101 Award!

Happy 101 Award!

It's come to my attention that I have been given my first award here at Sam's Point Of View (povofsam.blogspot.com). I'd like to thank the award giver. The great Andrei Sipos over at Scream Bloody Entertainment. So go over there and give that good man a view, some comments and general happiness. So the title of the "Happy Award 101" Is now mine! So to honour this award I have to post 10 things that make me happy and bring me joy. Here goes!

Numero Uno!
Writing for cash. Being able to see those few cents roll in is actually the most awesome feeling. Even if it is a little bit of money, being paid to do something you enjoy gives you a strong sense of moral awesomeness. I now have earned a boastable amount through my writing so I'm pretty stoked with how things are going.

Numero Deux! (I'm not sure which languages these are from, if any at all)
My guitar and trumpet. I play a lot of music, around the house and quite loudly with the latest addition of the trumpet (to my families horror) but I love playing music, jamming with my mates and any other array of music listening or playing.

Numero Tre!
Water sports. I love playing under water hockey sooooo much. I also play waterpolo but it's the off season and I don't enjoy it as much. I've recently been selected for the Auckland under 18 boys trials. So if all goes well it's only a few steps from there until I'm in the New Zealand team. Cross my fingers for good luck.

Numero Quattro!
Watching a good movie. I love being totally enthralled by a movie. In particular, the ones that leave your mind in a jumbled soup of awe. Fight Club, Reservoir Dogs, Inception, just to name a few of my latest faves (Fight Club from way back though ^_^).

Numero Cinq!
My friends. Always there with me in the worst situations to make it a little bit better by making it a whole lot worse. But I wouldn't have it any other way. One night whilst at my friend Dan's place with George and other various people things got a bit out of hand. Ended out with one guy getting violent, police and ambulance showing up and 3 girls cowering in a corner, I took a drunken hook from a body builder that night! It was really sore the next morning...

Numero Six... Sei!
Noodles! More specifically, easy and instantly made noodles, even more specifically Indomie Mi Goreng Fried Noodles. I'm a big fan of these noodles. The downside is they typically have 17g of fat in each packet, 1/3 of your daily sodium intake (pfft recommended, 2400mg is for panzies :D). But they have it down! From flavour to texture they (IMHO) have got the instant recipe for these noodles sorted.

Numero Sette!
Free stuff! I found an old post I wrote about free stuff in fact! Free Is My Favourite Word Me being a fine connoisseur of being insanely poor, (so poor I tried to make money on the internet. HA) I love it when I get free stuff. Just a few days ago I was driving home when a Mizone van was giving free Mizone to people in cars. Stoked right? It's a brand familiar in NZ, I'm not sure if the outta NZ dudes will know this one, but who knows.

Numero Huit!
Video games, I love just sitting around and relaxing while playing video games. You can get lost in a trance while playing them and it's so much fun just wasting your life away prowling around the many games. I personally am a BIG fan of the Bioshock series. Love Halo on Xbox. All sorts of multiplayer games, TF2, HON (If you've ever heard of it). I love a large array of games, so for video games to get on this list it wasn't very hard :D.

Numero Nove!
Christmas! Even if the gifts are lame, I just love getting into the whole spirit of it. Buying gifts, receiving gifts. The surprise on people's face when they open their gifts, the fake smiles on people's faces when they open a stink gift (hehe). I definitely am a fan of this holiday and it's definitely my fave up there with Halloween because it's a lame excuse to go out for a party.

Numero Dieci! DIX! (French and Italian numbers win!)
Finally on my list of things that brings me joy is chillaxing. Nothing better than to sit around a waste a day away eating bad food, sleeping in, having brinner (breakfast for dinner) you feel a lot better the next day knowing that the day you just had was a total write off in the grand scheme of things. I mostly do this after a big night out because I was up late and so so.

So that's my list of things that bring me joy. I'm now suppose to pass this onto 10 fellow bloggers who make me happy and bring me joy so they can to indulge in this award. I however don't follow too many blogs, but when I do it's the blogs I really enjoy reading and visit often so here goes my list!

5 Blogs I enjoy

Alright Tit

Lets Graph: Funny Graphs And Charts

One Photo A Day For A Year

Scream Bloody Entertainment

Avitable - Tact Is For Pussies

Friday, August 20, 2010

Inception: Was It Really That Good?

Inception: Was It Really That Good?

The simple answer is yes! It was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I saw it awhile ago and only recently has the idea of writing something down about it popped into this little teenage head of mine. The movie dragged you right into the head and mind of the main character Cobb (Leonardo Dicaprio). Presenting this so well leaves the watcher challenging his perception on things never before thought about in original life. Take a movie like Fight club, We are taken directly into the mind of Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) which is then an extrapolation of the mind of the narrator (Edward Norton). It is these kinds of movies in which we are shown "the light" in a different way and it's these movies I can't get enough of!

The special effects astounded me. Ranging from the mass decay of buildings being beaten by waves to the anti-gravity fight scenes that found characters leaping from roof to ground while fighting an array of projections. This complemented the storyline beautifully making every fight worth the while. I respected the fact that they didn't over use special effects to the point it detracted from the storyline, it just gave a kick to the already enthralling plot that was growing over time. For the overall use of special effects I'm going to give it a 4/5 thumbs up.

In a nutshell the movie is a must see! I know some people found the movie a bit hard to follow as it did have a relatively hard to follow plot but if you're a quick thinker and can hack the pace of movies that throw your mind into a blender. Then this movie is for you. I left the theatre in complete awe as to what had just happened. So if you're craving a bit of mind fuck. Inception should be on your list.

Cya guys. Keep dreaming

P.S chuck a comment my way, and get to following if you want more goodness from me. You know you want to, so it's over in the bar to the right. O and hope you liked this short in a nutshell movie review as I couldn't think of any other blog post topic at the moment. Cya round!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Trumpet Graduation

Trumpet Graduation

Since I have no actual post and no idea of what to write about so I thought I'd give you guys an update on where am I with my trumpet playing. I'm doing great, getting those high notes and soon (hopefully this Wednesday) I'm going to graduate from the first book that I've been assigned to! So pretty stoked about that, I end my spiel about my trumpet playing. In commemoration. Awesome trumpet performances.

The last few seconds of this has some amazing high notes that make a lot of people playing them pass out. IF they could play them at all

This one is long but I just like it as a piece in general. I'm getting more into jazz these days. Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Parker, Miles Davis. All those guys had there stuff down aye.'

Enjoy those two, I picked them especially. So yes I don't actually have too much to say atm. Trying to fit so many things into life. Writing, trying to learn photoshopping, music, homework and other assortments of various things. Life is packed at the moment! So I'll keep it short.

Cya round guys, hope I didn't bore you... Too much :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th

I would love to do another Lindsay Lohan Grill (another for the road). But hey the stupid woman is in rehab being forced to better herself so lets not get too mean. We all know she'll end up back in jail in no time, it's less a matter of why she'll be in jail but when.

Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday
So something I thought I'd show you guys is this little thing I put together on photoshop. PRETTY COLOURS!

That's original composition Sam right there, you can find the coolest things on flickr just by looking around.

Something I'd like to point out is a youtube band I've discovered recently. They have some all right music and I think they should be more known around the place so go check out the band "ALL CAPS" on youtube. Yes it's a punny band name but hey there music is catchy.

So I've been swamped with music compositions and other stressing tasks like copious amounts of under water hockey training. We're going for the best in New Zealand so we've gotta be good at what we do. I'm going out tonight so I'm quite busy getting stuff planned. Teenage planning and all that jazz. So I'm going to bid you all farewell and a happy weekend.

Cya peeps, PEACE OUT!

Friday the 13th (Extended Killer Cut)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Squidoo Payment Recieved

Squidoo Payment Recieved

Now people this isn't the typical way you earn from squidoo. Yet it is one of the many ways you can. I have sold one of my lenses off the cusp to see if it will draw any attention and actually sell. Well good news! It actually sold after the second day and for $15. I was flabbergasted to see the money actually sitting in my paypal. Only good things can come from squidoo in the future so get over there! Now!


This is only a short post to update the win that just happened! I'm totally amazed and happy and hope that you all too can earn like I did. In under a month as an FYI!

Cya peeps! Get earning

Monday, August 9, 2010

Option Choices 2011

Option Choices 2011

Ok so I've done this 3 times before and been faced with the same sheet for the past 3 years. Every year I've had the challenging task of picking my school courses for next year and seen a few subjects that we call (drop out subjects) These are subjects the drop outs take because they seem easy. This year Cambridge has brought an all new low to the curriculum by adding a subject never heard of to the kiwi blokes and gals doing NCEA. Look I drew a picture

I kid you not! This was an actual subject and does it not sound like the bummest subject to ever reach drop outs? The only possible outcome or possibility I can see for this course is something like philosophy and what careers can spur from that? 0.o

Later peeps, happy option choices.

P.S Gimme a comment or I'll smash you!

O check out my new blog!!! That's right! It's my blog about atheism and point of view on religion. You see I'm not very religious so I thought I'd add to the community by not being religious!!! Check it out!

Atheism Win

Saturday, August 7, 2010

End Of The World

End Of The World

So it has come to my belief that the end of the world will be imminent for 2012. I only have a short time on the earth before all goes tits up and we are 6 feet deep in our own crap. It has been stated that all is just a rumour and the ancient whoevers got their calender mixed up. So in tribute I go over the "impending dooms" of the past.

First that pops into mind is Y2K. Computers all around the world will malfunction because the date on the computer will not be incomprehensible. I can understand where the problem lay with that but honestly some people locked themselves in little domes made of steel and canned food in the hopes that the computers won't find and kill them as the computers of the world revolt. The major flaw I see is that if computers are so dangerous (I'll be back) couldn't the decipher through the huge amounts of information stored on the computer network where all the lunatics who are stowing themselves away are? I would think so.

Next on the list we have 6/6/06. The evil number of the lord! The dates caught up with us and since the numbers and the dates slightly correlate the world is going to end. Satin is going to rise from the depths and sodomize all in his path! Yes these rumours were getting thrown around at our school which seems like not to long ago either. 5 years runs past quickly when we've got world ending events to cover. I would of thought the great London fire of 1666 would have already occupied date but hey, guess not.

Larger Hadron Atom Collider. Now this one may seem new to readers. It is true that every teen I talked to thought that there was a chance that two atoms colliding could create a black hole large enough to suck the whole earth into it. Other people at my school saw it as a chance to tell the girls they liked the truth. Ha jokes on them when the earth didn't get sucked into a gravitational abyss. One of my friends bet someone $20 the world would end. Think about that one for a while.

And lastly we add to the list. Swine flu. As this flu was fatal from the start only to the elderly and sick who already had death knocking at their door. It kind of didn't catch on very well that it may be come a mutated epidemic. I laughed it off until no one started dying. Then I didn't brace the doors with wood to stop all disease and germ from entering my house. Another article I've written about this to give a slight bit more insight.

Swine Flew

So now we can only hope that 2012 like the rest of the times the world should of ended won't take us out of the universe. It might just so act as if it's the last days of Rome people. You're lucky enough to be warned this early so go get rowdy now if you know what I mean. :D

Cya people! Stick around for the end of the world


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Biology Assignment

Biology Assignment

Well I've finished my major assignment that's been stilting my blog posting recently so now I'm back and should be able to throw a few more posts out. I'd like to point your attention to my ever so quickly growing views over at squidoo. With a few of my lenses sitting quite pretty in the 3rd tier I'm quite happy with how it's looking over there. I'd like to point your attention towards this lens here

I created this lens not too long ago and think you guys should give it a view aye. I want some people who view it to post the album they make through it. (Don't worry it's just the cover, name and band you don't have to make music) As of now it's just early days so no one has posted but get to it. It's easy and looks cool in a way :D

As always I appreciate a good image. So here we have this guy looking for WATUHMELONS!

Have a good one people. Sorry for the short post and

cya peeps lata! Stay WATUHMELON?

Comment and follow or I'll hate you forever!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beatbox Flute

Beatbox Flute

So yes there is a new audible sensation that I have been exposed to lately. It isn't the wonderful powers of the music that apparently makes you high, no. It's beatbox flute! I've recently written it over at squidoo.com (check my earlier post) and am definitely liking it over there. Integration with amazon and ebay makes everything really easy and they pay you just for having a people popular lens. No income yet but a few of my better lenses are going to earn some coin when the month of no pay go past. Fingers crossed.

Referral! Sign up to me!
Charles Darwin: Evolutionist Extraordinaire

So that's my referral and one of my latest articles. Go check both those out and get writing. But now for the grand unveiling of. Beatbox Flute POW... Check below.

Beatbox Flute

This guy has many videos on youtube, including some ones of him just beatbox flute jamming away. He's definitely an idol of mine at the moment so go check some other videos of his out and I'll see you guys later!

P.S Leave me a comment and follow me!!! Cuz I like that.

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