Monday, May 10, 2010

How To Make Your Blog Famous

How To Make Your Blog Famous

So here it is, the instant way to make your blog famous. Increase your views to 1000's a day just by doing these few things. Now read carefully because these things aren't too easy to pull of but with the right precision and dedication will bring in traffic like a broken traffic light. Now here's everything you Need to Know.

- Upload all the recent sex tapes of all the new celebrity hoes who want to get their name out there. Not only do you get your name out there but they get their genitals out there also!

- Offer everybody lots of money to come to your site. Just btw guys if you read this post, tell all your friends about it, twitter, stumbleupon, digg, reddit, and send it to 3 other social networking sites I will give you $50. Just saying. Do that to all my posts and I will give you money... Maybe.

- Call your website. "Local Home Pizza Delivery." Need I say more for this one? YES. You will have a very LARGE population of people swarming to your site in no time. haha I'm punny :) get it?

O man I feel like pizza at the moment

- Make Copius Amounts Of Money Here!. Like a million dollars a month, because every person to randomly start a blog can earn a million dollars a month on blogging, come to think of it, I think everybody who starts a blog makes a million dollars a month blogging. Heck I do.

- Super powers? Invisibelts sold here! *honestly on a side tangent, I've just been Amazon link dropping before but man these things actually exist to my surprise, I would definitely click that link.* Fireballs!. Heck I've never searched for super powers but come on there must be a niche out there for it somewhere. If someone does start making money off this idea, I claim some.

- Chuck Norris jokes. Kids put on Superman PJs at night, Superman puts on Chuck Norris PJs at night... Some say where his chin is, there's just another fist. *thanks Family Guy*

- Free instant noodles! If you're on the internet, you like noodles. It's a geometrically proven fact. Indomie Mi Goreng Fried Noodles for 1 Case (30 Bags). Ok this link dropping is getting ridiculous. IF you don't mind it, leave a comment. IF you find it annoying leave a comment. IF you want more links of instant noodles dropped, do I have to say it... LEAVE A COMMENT.

- Blog about the horrors of MSG and the bodies intolerability to process it in the body leaving it to be deposited in the brain possibly causing alzheimer's disease after it causing damage to your heart and various other things.

And finally the most important thing... Of all... To get you that traffic you need!

Ba ba da da da daaaaaaa. Image roll please

- Drop a post titled "How To Make Your Blog Famous" Well I'm hoping atleast :)

Haha thanks for reading guys. I hope you enjoyed my post. As for my studies, I've just come home from lacrosse training and my bodies tired. Over concentrating isn't really what I want at the moment. So blog post it is. I thought I'd throw down some random links in between all of this. So get buying those invisibelts. They do exist and man did they blow my mind.

Have a great week guys and I'll see you next time.


Frankie'sGirl said... [Reply to comment]

You are so BAD! :)

miniwriter said... [Reply to comment]


I like to think so :)

Atroxion said... [Reply to comment]

Done. When can I expect the traffic to increase?

By the way, you shouldn't have put that pizza picture there. Now I'm freakin' craving one... gonna google "local home pizza delivery," maybe I'll find some new pizza shops!

miniwriter said... [Reply to comment]


Funny that, I actually googled local home pizza delivery. Got me cravin too. Thnx for the comment :)

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