Saturday, May 29, 2010

Everyone Looks "Cool" On A Segway

Everyone Looks "Cool" On A Segway

This is kind of another modern technology rant like my Ipad article. I can fully see this turning into a series of posts. heh Ipads are silly...

So onto segways. I don't know what good ole Dean from Hampshire was trying to create when he bought this sort of person into the world.

Don't worry it's not like she payed $5300 - $7000 for this hip and fashionable look, honestly though she can't even use her new age tool *that's right I called it a tool. Not gadget or technological device, rather a tool for the "funky fresh" stage of paedestrianism? *zat a word?**  in Australia due to road and safety laws banning the use of them on roads and walkways. They must be too much for our kangaroo buddies down under.

Police are even using these things. They go suprisingly fast as well like 20km/h *bummer for the Americans no imperial for you*. I can see the point of these more so than an Ipad though.

Now I can vouch for bum lame sports (*cough* underwater hockey) but something that costs about $5000 to play is just silly...


Aaaaah so there's your imperial, 12m/h. And at least they agree with me by saying it's a nerd sport. What I think is pretty cool about the segway is that you can actually own a Ferrari brand segway! Well atleast that's what wikipedia says.

Well that was my little what's what and who's nerd for the time being. I'm writing this in the morning after last night. You'll know my complications if you have a quick glance through my last post Welcome To Saturday Night I'll catch you guys later. Enjoy your weekend people from around the world. NZer's, get ready for another tedious week. aaaawww.

Thanks for reading my post people and stay nerdy :)


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