Sunday, December 5, 2010

Myspace Face

Myspace Face

It is a well documented about fact that when someone is uploading a photo of themselves to Myspace (most typically girls) a phenomenon occurs where they decide to push their lips out and to the side to make them look like hard out douche bags.

Here we have a mild case, the lips aren't pushed to the side like other cases however these duck lips as more commonly known around the internet are probably a result of social networking

A truly horrid specimen here with three people degrading themselves and the human race with a triple Myspace face.

It is true I like to mock these self esteem craving twigs by pulling the Myspace face in many of my photos. However I do not upload any of these photos to Facebook, Myspace or any other social networking site because it obviously looks hideous, well not too obviously because we still see thousands of photos of chicks pulling this horrendous face.

Now as I said in my last post, I would show you my new haircut and talk about the said "Myspace face." I have done one so far now get ready for the double wammy!

Myspace face and new haircut! Chapow!

This one is just my hair from the other angle.

My old hair is back in this post.

So I hope you've enjoyed my post on the phenomenon of Myspace face o and my new haircut.

If you read my last post you'll know my dad is in hospital atm, just an update, he's still in a lot of pain and talking drivel due to the morphine yet he is getting better and nothing has gotten worse so thats a plus sign.

Cya guys, again stay safe.

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Exams Are Over!

Exams Are Over!


I'm back after a big break, and it's actually quite a sad note. I am on holidays now and my exams have finished yet yesterday my dad was painting my brothers house when the trestle they were standing on broke. He fell and has broken his ankle severely and his back as well. He has a fractured spine yet the spinal nerve wasn't damaged and he can move his toes arms and they think he'll be walking with a back brace in a little while. He's in hospital and my family has been in a distressed state lately running around like headless chickens.

So what I'd like to say is stay safe this summer/winter guys (Summer in NZ) because accidents like this can easily happen my brother feels really guilty as it was his trestle and he chose to paint the house himself instead of hiring people. However no one blames my brother and we all agree it was just an accident, but if I was in my brothers position It would be hard not to feel guilty. All I can say is get well soon dad and Ben don't feel hard on yourself, Dad will be alright.

On another note, my t-shirt Idea didn't go ahead because one of the image designers never came back to me so I decided to scrap it. However I have opened a zazzle store and I'm just experimenting with things, drawings, photos yadeyayaya so something may come about from it, if I get time.

Zazzle Store!

You would expect a rather eventful post considering I've been gone so long but with all the hastle of things happening I can't say I've really had time to sit down and focus. So I'll link the couple of articles I wrote at Triond (earn money writing here). So yes I am sorry and more will come out.

Lets have a funny picture because this post is quite sad and bland.

Old Zac Effron and Vanessa?

Saw that one on the net, made me giggle :)

Lets add some photos from the last little while!

Me at the museum, they must've caught me in my private moment with A.aferensis.

Museum again, Fanta from way back.

Nemo, at the museum.

Me at the museum, my hairs really long :p

Museum still, I didn't take many photos so I took one of myself :( I live a sad life.

My Myspace face I put on for my friends :D (Thats a whole different post idea...)

Mates at school.

Me with my mate Alex!

Again, Myspace face!

Mates at school again, I've got my C's up!

C's up again haha.

Jumping behind Mitch and taking a photo, ha.

Doing the same with my physics teacher.

Peter on the bus

Da bus :p

Myspace face on the bus, I should stop that... And my hairs really long...

Those are a few photos from the last few weeks at school and the museum and my Myspace face, hope you enjoyed that flattering face of mine. I actually have had my haircut since then and in my next post about the Myspace face I'll upload a picture of my new do.

So guys this may have been a shit post but I'm back and still busy inconveniently. I'm doing my best to get some time but with my Dad breaking his back it may be a struggle.

Stay safe guys and have a sweet summer/winter.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Drivers Licence Test

Drivers Licence Test

Ok so I've been a tad absent since I got this but yay I passed my driving test! I've just had the long weekend so I've been busy at the beach and stuff like that so I've got a couple of photos for you guys!

So we went to the beach to walk around the sand dunes and give my brother (Ben) and his wife's dog a walk around the beach/river/lake that was around there.

Sand dunes and dad (peter) to the left

Ben, James and Dad

Ben and a huge sand dune that I raced 

Some more sandy dunes

Dunes... again

Gizelle the mini schnowzer with Kerri, Ben and James

Gizelle after a drink of water with our picnic

So that was our little day at the sand dunes of the beach, I hope you liked the photos and I hope to get a few more out every now and again. I've actually got a couple more photos to show you that I've just taken during the week. Enjoy!

I was playing around with the settings on my camera to try get a nice clear photo, I finally got a semi decent on of these two daisies.

This is of a mint plant I took a photo of, I changed it to black and white but partially left the colour in the flower that was growing on it.

Taking all these photos really made me wish I had a good DSLR camera but hey I'll be happy with the digital camera I have at the moment.

So those are my photos that I've been taking recently, again I hope you've enjoyed.

As for other news, the guy who came back with a reply for the Gin & Conic shirt idea, hasn't further replied. So now I'm in the process of finding a new one because he wussed out and wouldn't reply. I might end up making my own but in the mean time while I'm still busy with exams, It's going to have to wait.

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Cya guys on the flip flop later!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Angry Birds, iPhones Are Addictive

Angry Birds, iPhones Are Addictive

I've recently been sifting through my friends iPhone to find many addicting games. One I've recently found to be quite addicting is the angry birds application. I myself don't own any form of angry bird playing medium so it's probably why I find these little apps to be so addicting and fun.

So Angry Birds made me wonder about the actual playability of these iPhone and other iPod touch games compared to other medium. I guess this can vaguely be related to my other technological posts and my view on them. iPad, Seigway. Go read them and see what you think of the up and coming fad that is the iPad and the futuristic form of transport... The Seigway.

So back to Angry Birds, among other apps I found this one along with doodle jumper to be quite amusing but I couldn't see myself playing these little games for hours on end. It does seem like Apple is winning in the long run charging what seems like a mere amount of a dollar relative to the time you may or may not spend on these little applications. I can imagine the creators of these games rolling around in their pool of dollar coins laughing as we sit squinty eyed trying to focus on a tiny screen, what a sucker we say... It only cost me a buck. However buck upon buck we see us buying more and more applications, more little games just like Angry birds but hey for a buck I would feel happy with even the little enjoyment I got out of a borrowed turn on a friends iPhone. I guess that's why no one goes to arcades anymore.

So at the end of the day, looking back at the cost of the apps to the relative enjoyment I got out of them, I would definitely consider getting an iSomething. A dollar aint too bad and some games I could imagine being played for hours. So if you aren't too stingy, a good few bucks could turn into a good few hours of fun on a device that can play music, movies and photos. Sounds pretty good at the moment.

Cya guys around.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

May Have A Shirt Design

May Have A Shirt Design

Hey there people

I'm pretty excited as I've designed a shirt graphic made from pictures from flickr. I've run into a bit of a hitch but am hoping it works itself out. Ya see I was looking in the section of photos with a creative commons licence that allow adaptation and allow the graphic to be used commercially, I found some sweet images and put them together into a cool image that goes with a running joke me and my friend Matt have. The problem is, after I'd done all the photoshopping and cutting and stuff I looked back to see that on neither of the photos had I clicked *allow commercial use* so on this finished graphic which I was pleased with, I couldn't actually use either of the photos. I'm now waiting on one more of the image creators to email me back to allow me to use it commercially *the first one did and gave me the heads up so I'm really stoked with him! Go check out his flickr!*

So here's the image (put together with cafepress)

They allowed it to be adapted and shown on the internet still :D

This shirt is a mathematics joke so I don't blame you if you don't get it. There are things in maths called conics which are pretty much cones with a plane bisector through them which then show a graph. I have explained this poorly but it gives a brief idea.

So lets hope for the best with this shirt and hope it gets approved. As for my studies and exams, I'm still doing them and I just had a bit of free time on my hands to do this image and get a blog post out so lets hope for more free time to get more blog posts out!

Cya guys have a good Thursday... Only Thursday... UGH

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Facebook Button

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just A Heads Up

Just A Heads Up

I'm going into exams soon so this blog may just be in a coma until I'm out of them. I've got 4 weeks of school left in which I won't be spending a great amount of my time on my blog and other things. So if there hasn't been a post here for awhile its because of exams and study. I'll be back soon, don't miss me too much.

Kill Your Friends

Kill Your Friends

Well I've just been out playing a certain game all day and for some reason you got rewarded for killing your team mates, and no it was not on any computer game.

I just thought this was cool.

We were playing laser tag. In a nutshell you run around in the dark trying to shoot/blind your friends with a laser beam. Here's a little video I found on Youtube about laser tag.

And so back to my title. I was playing laser tag with my under water hockey team as a sort of farewell function for all the players leaving school. Now me being the apex of laser tag skill was not doing too well in one round so I decided to start shooting my own team mates and wonder how long it would take them to figure out it was me. Now I was using the knowledge that we don't get any disadvantage for shooting our own team so shooting season was open to me who wanted to be annoying.

So shooting away I went. POW!
"Oh snap someone hit me" - Friend
"I think there's a sniper up on that ledge" - Me
*Friend respawns* POW
"Damn, that guy is a fiend with that gun" - Friend
"Yea he's been up there all round" - Me
*Another friend jumps behind our set of barrels*
"Bro try take out that sniper with us" - Friend 1
POW! POOOW! *Two dead friends*
"How does he keep getting us we were hardly above the barrier???" - Friend 1
*More team mates stack up behind this barrier*
"I dunno but imma step back and try shoot him"
POW! PoOoW! PEW? *all dead*
*A general WTF coming from my team mates*

It took them a good while before they found out it was me... And when they did I continued to stalk/hunt/dominate my team mates. It was only when we left the room to check our scores do we see that I had the most points... And most pissed off friends to accompany.

Moral of the story, if you have the choice. Kill your friends.

Cya guys later and don't murder anyone.

PS! I've made the decision I'm going to start a vlog just to see where it goes.
Things I need...

  • Good video editing software
  • Better camera (coming soon, bear with me for the mean time)
  • Some time on my hands
All this is expected to come. Oh and I'll be uploading regular photo updates of things I do! so stay posted!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weezer's New Album Hurley

Weezer's New Album Hurley

Weezer has recently released a new album called "Hurley." If you know lost you've probably heard this name around and yes their album is titled after the lost character Hurley. I love Weezer a lot not just for their music but with which the comical ways they conduct themselves. Some of their previous albums have just been named after themselves with only colours to tell them apart.

So the newly titled album is no surprise after the earlier escapades and laid back style of writing and naming.

The music as always is good, I love Weezer's style of playing as it still upholds the same feel as they had from the day they started playing. I've seen a few youtube videos of them playing with people like Tay Zonday and they even made an appearance with the Gregory brothers in auto tune the news where they used a backing track from their song Memories.

This is Weezer playing with Jorge Garcia (Hurley)

Weezer featuring in a video with Gregory brothers, they've taken a backing track from Weezer's song Memories which I'll post after this video. Go check out schmoyoho (Gregory brothers) on youtube! They autotune some good stuff.

Weezer's Memories

Go check out Weezer's youtube channel aswell. In that last video they were with the guys from Jackass. Weezer are all around the show with celebrities and musicians and it's really cool to see.

Hurley (Deluxe Version)

So that's my little piece of why I love Weezer and their new album. Hope you guys like them too!

P.S I've got my camera up and running so be expecting some cool stuff to be coming soon!
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Cya guys and stay fat on the island like Hurley somehow did 0.o

Monday, October 4, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

Wow have I been absent from my blog, things just get so busy that I haven't really had the time to be posting and keeping up with whats going on. So as a quick debrief of the last few weeks I'll bullet point the important things that have happened.

  • Failed My music performance at school, Don't really care because I didn't practise much and I don't need the credits.
  • Failed 7 papers in my end of year mock exams, the real one's aren't looking too good at the moment
  • Came second in the nationals school underwater hockey tournament. Kinda alrightish.
  • Made under 18 Auckland Representative team
  • Came 5th in that nationals tournament
And that about brings us to now. I'm in school holidays at the moment but have been training my ass off with the Auckland team I made. So now I can grab a bit of spare time amongst the study I have to do so I can give a little update on my blog.

I got a free 10mp camera! Thanks to my great brother Ben, his travel blog which is seldom updated but still fun to read is linked here! Ben and Kerri's Blog So hopefully in the future I'll be able to upload heaps of cool photos of my conquests and stuff like that, maybe even get a vlog going. That'd be quite cool.

So the future is bright, for my blog maybe. For my academics, I should be worried. Keep checking in, I'll be throwing out a whole lot of stuff soon if my time management doesn't go flipsy flopsy again. Picture for fun!

If anyone knows Zach Braff... I think he looks like the half life dude.

So remember to check back here always. Favourite me! Leave comments! Follow me!

Cya peeps, Get ready for summer! (for NZ, anywhere else... Good luck for winter :P)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Paris Hilton's Crack

Paris Hilton's Crack

Ahhh I can finally steal away some lovely time to myself and indulge and a long awaited blog post in which I have been deprived of for what seems like forever. So as a way to get back into it. Time to rip on Paris Hilton.

Dear Ms Hilton

I am writing in sheer appal at your recent conduct. First and foremost lets get your past behind us in this letter of great concern. We know you haven't made the wisest decisions and know you have made quite the mistake of a tape in your history (tehee), but we can put that behind us as we have a new topic to adhere to. It seems you have been caught with  .8grams of cocaine. This isn't the first time you've been seen in association with drugs our dear socialite, no. This is in fact the second time this year we've seen you arrested for drug related allegations. How can someone of such high values *snigger*, with such great career prospects and future potential *giggle* find herself in a situation so absurd and uncouth? *holds back a cacophony of laughter* And so the world is once again in an awe struck and surprised state as you are carted away in the paddy wagon. *chuckles*. If you are to end up in jail I just want you to know that I send my best wishes that you aren't stuck with an overly large women named Leslie who bats for the opposite team *leaves room as to hold back overflowing urges of laughter*.

Best wishes on a bad topic

*falls to the floor in laughter*...

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Cya guys round aye, Don't forgot to hold onto your coke properly :P

Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Far From Being On Time

So Far From Being On Time

O wow I am so sorry, I have been so busy with underwater hockey tournaments, been sick (for like the millionth time this year) and the kings crown, I started exams. I'm about half way through them now so I don't think a good post will be coming through any time in the very near future. But when I get back it will be a good one. I'm thinking of jamming on Paris Hilton... O the poor excuses crack addicts have for cocaine found in their purses. But as for now I'm going to be a tad absent.

So yea don't miss me too much, I'll be back around soon with some good content and yadeyaya but till then

Cya guys around :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Tiger Woods, How's Being Single?

Dear Tiger Woods, How's Being Single?

Dear Tiger Woods

It has come to my knowledge that you have recently split up with your wife, and for that I am sorry. I do however like your views on teaching young kids about sex education as you obviously are quite adept in this practise. You're setting such a lovely image for your admirers

"13 years ago, my Dad and I envisioned helping children through education. That work is unchanged." - Tiger Woods

It is a great shame to see such an iconic figure such as yourself stoop to such lows but can we blame you? Long tours away from your wife, home and dearly beloved. It's all justification to have sex with over 120 women...

"Starting tomorrow I will return for more treatment and therapy"

The only thing I can pull from this is that you are starting to return to something? All I can say is that it is kinda sucky to see a great sporting hero to many go so wrong. It's like when Chris Brown ragdolled Rihanna or when we found out the only reason Paris Hilton was famous was because we could look at her naked on the internet. It's these subtle let downs I choose to prey on and make the best of. So in the words of Joey Tribiani

"If you're going to do it wrong, do it right!"

And can we deny that you didn't ole Tiger ole pal?

Yours with love

P.S! More grill letters! Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay again, Miley Cyrus

In all honesty though. My view on Tiger Woods professional career is unchanged. I still think he's an iconic golfer and to let his personal life get in the way of his image may be hard to look past (I'll refrain from the obvious self set up joke) but hey, life's life we gotta move on... And not have sex with everything in our path. :) 121... jeez...

Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Draw?

How To Draw?

Something that has been bugging me lately is my lack of the ability to draw, and to be more specific the lack of being able to draw on photoshop. I can draw adequately with a pen (still no freaking artist), but when it comes to photoshop and "painting" I can't get my mouse around drawing the lines and especially shading! It just doesn't seem to work! I know it's one of those practise makes perfect things (I've been drawing in all my classes :))

K I think these are all going to be on there side. I'll say it now. Sorry for the bad quality and just as an FYI. That sign he's holding says "Will work for oil"

This one's fine but I got half my shadow in it. Grrrr night time and house lights.

And this is a kitty cat! No more to say there...

That's pretty much as far as my drawing skills go. Nothing special but I thought you guys might wanna have a look. I also made the photo in this post with photoshop. Go check it out. PRETTY COLOURS.

So yea nothing too special for this post. I'm going to continue drawing to try and become awesome at it. Along with other things, trumpet... Under water hockey (gotta make NZ team in the next few years). All those things are soon to come and you better be around to see them! Follow me in other words. :)

Cya people, keep on drawing!
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