Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recharge My Energy Gauge

Recharge My Energy Gauge

So what do I do to recharge my fuel tanks? To get me on a buzz?

Shit on Debra's desk... LIKE A BOSS!

No I don't actually but I do have some actual ideas and things that I do to get my on a hype and ready to take a bull by the horns... Or fuck a giant fish... LIKE A BOSS!!!

- I make a milo and milk combo! Ok so what's the delicious milo and milk combo? Well first you get two teaspoons of milo in the bottom of a cup (more depending on the size of cup and chocolatey goodness you want to mellow in your mouth) and a teaspoon of sugar *ACHTUNG* This ratio is directly proportional and must be executed with the utmost precision or the whole shock of energy will be ruined by either a too dilute mil solution or strong burst of sweetness and/or chocoverdose. With our dry ingredients added we want to add a small amount of boiling water to melt ingredients but not so much to make the soon to be added milk, warm (can easily ruin a good M&M combo if done wrong). Now comes the tricky part. We add the milk! Now like a pedophile strolling past a school, LIKE A PEDO! We can't be too hasty with our actions. Slowly! add milk while stirring to make sure the melted ingredients don't linger at the bottom until your mixture is at optimal colour of brown to your liking. Some may like their M&M stronger than others. Now I've made my M&M combo I can indulge in the taste symphony as a cacophony of ingenious creation emblazons my taste buds. ENERGY RECHARGED

- Listen to the most almighty song in the world! I know you all have one and mine happens to be "Forever Young by Youth Group". Don't act like you don't love this song. Every time I hear it, it reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite and him awkwardly dancing with that equally awkward chick... "I like your sleeves" Doesn't that quote just shout jump in bed with me right now? The italics just excentuate extentuate exasporate? the style of it all. No but honestly this song makes me feel like a ninja who knows illegal moves from the government :P Props to Napoleon. ENERGY RECHARGED

- Take a nap! LIKE A FUCKING BOSS!!! Ever had a really, really, really! Sweet nap? You take like a 40 minute power nap and damn do u feel RECHARGED. I dunno I heard somewhere that 40 minutes is like the magic number for REM cycles or some sort of sleep magic... Algorithm or something. But honestly if have 40 mins to spare drop a 40min alarm and nap it out. In fact there is a memorable super nap I had in calculus (no wonder) that was so good I dribbled on my book so much that upon waking my arms ripped a saliva soaked page. People took pictures, I was lucky enough for them not to land on Facebook. ENERGY RECHARGED!!!

So those are the ways I get me some quick energy into my body, recharge the battery and damn do I do it LIKE A BOSS. About all the studying I'm suppose to be doing, I've found that I know more about calculus than I actually thought so I've found time to throw in a blog post and the quick one yesterday I think it was. I'm gunna be hard at it tomorrow and I got a waterpolo game and UWH training so I don't think I'll get one in :)

Tell me how you recharge!

Catchya peeps later, hope you had a good weekend :)

LiKe A pEdO bOsS


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