About Me, Me and More of Me

Hey people this is my about me page. I'm creating this so people can get a look at who I am and what I'm all about so here's a few pictures of me and a little about myself.

Now first of all check my first blog post. If my intentions have changed much since then, then I'm not doing this properly

Start to The Greatness That is This Blog

Now some pics to give you a glimpse at this pretty wittle face of mine.

I'm the poser in the front. This was taken at my 6th form camp 2010

I'm on the left. This is a party that me and two of my mates went in toga to.

Another one of me at camp. There were only a few good ones on facebook :P

Ill drop down my email and twitter for you guys to add if you need it.

Thy's Facebook (different from my personal one, so fake last name)
Thy's Twitta! (btw fake name and stuff so I can advertise, bladeeblablaa...)
Thy's Email: samsblog(at)hotmail(dot)com

Some of my hobbies consist of playing guitar, recently of this page's creation started playing trumpet and swimming. I play underwater hockey, waterpolo and lacrosse ( a relatively new sport to me ). These below links are to some of my sporting posts on here if you're interested in finding out about those sports and my role in them.

Sports posts...
Take a glimpse...
Take a gander...
Lets look through the round window? O gosh... If only you knew.
Crash! Bang! Wallop!?
Aaaaaahh too hard to keep track of them all :) (rss tags maybe?)
Those are them for now I'll add more as I make em. If I remember... Fact about me. I forget alotta stuff. Teenager brain :)

As for my music playing. I'm in a jazz combo at school and have been playing the guitar for about 5-6 years now. i lose count... You know the whole teenage brain can't remember thing. I also started playing trumpet two months ago ( as of this posts creation ).

More Pics for the fun :)

This is actually the weekend after school camp. Sooooo yea...

Me on my mates shoulder's while we're having a chicken fight. I'm the one on the right. Lucky for all the ladies :) I have my top off in this one. We're at the hot pools... At a place near camp after a kayaking in cold water.

Not technically at camp... But on the way to it. I'm not stoned but I can admit that I do look a lot like I am. The bus makes you tired? NBHT?

Now as for my blogging intentions I can't really say I have a set goal. I hope to get my name out there and have my blog as a place to share some of my pieces of writing. I don't hope to make money off this blog as such but maybe some friends, acquaintances and maybe gain some experience so I can further put these skills into a blog or market to earn something. For now though... It's all for fun.

All my writing can be found here... Or atleast the stuff I'm not ashamed of.
All My Writing... EVA

So that's pretty much me people. I'm a teenager. I just like having fun, chilling with friends and studying... That one was just incase mum looks. I'm hoping she skips this part out :P. So people have a browse around my site, check out some of my writing, leave me a comment telling me I suck or am the coolest dude around. Any and all comments are cool with me, on my blog or my writing. It'll get to me some way or another.

Peace for now and enjoy my site. Remember...

It's I Sam's point of view. Simply so...
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