Friday, May 14, 2010

Sicker Than A Pedo

Sicker Than A Pedo

Hello people *cough*. Today I'm feeling a bit under the weather and the cold bug chose the wrong time to bite. Today was also my first exam which I think I did quite well in considering how congested my head was. As my title states I'm sicker than a pedo, I don't really think I am because those people are really gross. Just remember they do have a special spot in hell saved for them. ( This is unless they go to a pedo limbo then go to a pedo heaven of some sort. This could well be fully likely if we believe in the afterlife/s. )

Instead of blabbering about how sore I am and my sick relative to pedo ratio. I thought I'd tell you what I do when I'm feeling sick.

When I first saw this I thought he was smiling and his chin was holding the thermometer

- First of all I "Recharge My Energy Gauge". It's the best thing to do if your feeling under the weather

- I also like to eat a nice hot bowl of pumpkin soupor seafood chowder (wow everything is on amazon, P.S NZ chowder looks way better than that stuff).

- Watch DVD's in the dark, I don't have the most monster movie collection out so I always end up having to watch something like "Finding Nemo" or this NZ show made in 2004, one of the most hilarious shows I've watched in my life "7 periods with Mr. Gormsby".

- I like to look at pictures of third world countries to realise I still have it better than them . What? No I'm kidding about that one, It's something Red does from "that 70's show".

- Sneeze, splutter, cough, gag, snivel. Any plethora of sick verbs, I do them when I'm sick except i don't do them like any casual person I do them LIKE A BOSS!!!

Thanks for reading. Lets hope I do well in my exams ands get better soon.

Lataz, Cough, Splutter, Die... I need me a Penny



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