Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Draw?

How To Draw?

Something that has been bugging me lately is my lack of the ability to draw, and to be more specific the lack of being able to draw on photoshop. I can draw adequately with a pen (still no freaking artist), but when it comes to photoshop and "painting" I can't get my mouse around drawing the lines and especially shading! It just doesn't seem to work! I know it's one of those practise makes perfect things (I've been drawing in all my classes :))

K I think these are all going to be on there side. I'll say it now. Sorry for the bad quality and just as an FYI. That sign he's holding says "Will work for oil"

This one's fine but I got half my shadow in it. Grrrr night time and house lights.

And this is a kitty cat! No more to say there...

That's pretty much as far as my drawing skills go. Nothing special but I thought you guys might wanna have a look. I also made the photo in this post with photoshop. Go check it out. PRETTY COLOURS.

So yea nothing too special for this post. I'm going to continue drawing to try and become awesome at it. Along with other things, trumpet... Under water hockey (gotta make NZ team in the next few years). All those things are soon to come and you better be around to see them! Follow me in other words. :)

Cya people, keep on drawing!
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