Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Profound Truth

The Profound Truth

this entry is no "Letter to Lindsay Lohan" or in depth look at the "complex aesthetics of Megan Fox" *know what I'm saying, know what I mean. Heh heh*. No this is just an update with whats been going on lately. You see due to some stuff going down with the kiwis and tuis here in NZ I haven't been able to get to throwing out a blog post. Soooooo I'll just give a quick run down...

- Got a haircut.

No but in all honesty I've just been busy, getting ready for my school ball, feeling the wrath from my parents due to the exam results I just got. In conclusion I don't actually know when I'll be getting my next post out but I hope it's soon. Go check out some of my other posts in the mean time! I'll try get a really good post out soon but untill then.

Stay chilly people ^_^ whaaaaat?

I typed in ninja lol for this one. Not that funny though...
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