Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Facebook Stalker

Facebook Stalker

People I got me some exams coming up in the next two weeks so I probs won't be posting anything for awhile. If I do I would have managed to squeeze some time into my hectic schedule. On the positive side for my free time, my jazz combo was put on hold because we all didn't have enough time and didn't have enough motivation with things we've been doing and stuff like that but nobody wants to hear about Jack being a dull boy.

Now I don't want to leave this post just at that so I decided to list the things people use Facebook for. Hey why not right?

1. Uploading pictures of themselves (Who are we?!?!) momentous occasions and kick ass parties that they attend.

2. Finding a person called 'Shaniqua' to see if any actually exist in NZ or even the world (just an FYI, I checked and there is none... Not even in the world... Daniel.

3. Fraternize with old friends from yonders past. Or stalk exes... take your pick.

4. Post annoying status updates in third person. "Sam Law: Is feeling hungry... Sam Law: Is tired and is going to bed... Sam Law: is annoying and wonders why nobody likes these status's, statuses, statisi? Is that a word?

5. Use facebook to stalk someone even as a stranger because for some reason it lets you look back into each one of their photos. In Soviet Russia, Facebook Pedo Bear's you!

6. Play farming games and become completely obsessed with little pixels in which grow pixel vegies or kill pixel people with pixel weapons. Can you call Farmville a drug? It's obsessive and people pay, fight and waste time on it?

Just an FYI (shopped by yours truly)

7. Start events which stalker pedo people attend to like "Touch a boob day", "Touch a boob week" and we can't forget "Get 5 million people to join to vote Justin Bieber out of gender". It's an actual group and I'll admit I have joined this group.

8. Start a fake account add fake friends and fakely change your relationship status to invoke the attention of others. Though I've never seen it done... I think I'd have to applaud that sad lonely person for such an effort.

9. You can see pictures of something really hilarious when you click oh no... whats this? Quick survey... alright. Vote... Go back... refresh and now they want our details... bail out and I didn't get to see the picture :P

10. Use your mobile phone and wifi enabled devices to feed the obsession that is Facebook. honestly I have no beef with Facebook and I love it myself but damn! They have no dislike button! It would only make the cornucopia of FML's that tad bit funnier.

So there we have it. A few uses for the wonderful online social networking site. Now that I kind of think about it we don't really control Facebook. It kind of controls us.

e.g instead of looking on google or a more logical place to find somebody called Shaniqua (I'll tell you how we got to this in a later post and link back here (visca versca)<---Correct me if I'm wrong with that. :P It doesn't seem to fit.)), we chose Facebook.

In the end we can all conclude that Facebook is just one massive tool for stalking. XD

Anyways, have happy mid terms everyone. Might see you later, might not. :)


Atroxion said... [Reply to comment]

Bahahaha that was freakin' hilarious! Facebook has indeed achieved some infamy due to all the "cool" kids spamming it like crazy from their highly pimpled mobile phones. And screw FarmVille, I just can't understand how someone can waste time on growing virtual plants. Come on!

Awesome post and great blog, I'm now following you and shall be watching your every movie (more hardcore than Facebook, yeah)!

miniwriter said... [Reply to comment]


Hey thanks for the comment. I'm following your blog too, it's a cool site you got there. Catchya round

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