Friday, September 17, 2010

Paris Hilton's Crack

Paris Hilton's Crack

Ahhh I can finally steal away some lovely time to myself and indulge and a long awaited blog post in which I have been deprived of for what seems like forever. So as a way to get back into it. Time to rip on Paris Hilton.

Dear Ms Hilton

I am writing in sheer appal at your recent conduct. First and foremost lets get your past behind us in this letter of great concern. We know you haven't made the wisest decisions and know you have made quite the mistake of a tape in your history (tehee), but we can put that behind us as we have a new topic to adhere to. It seems you have been caught with  .8grams of cocaine. This isn't the first time you've been seen in association with drugs our dear socialite, no. This is in fact the second time this year we've seen you arrested for drug related allegations. How can someone of such high values *snigger*, with such great career prospects and future potential *giggle* find herself in a situation so absurd and uncouth? *holds back a cacophony of laughter* And so the world is once again in an awe struck and surprised state as you are carted away in the paddy wagon. *chuckles*. If you are to end up in jail I just want you to know that I send my best wishes that you aren't stuck with an overly large women named Leslie who bats for the opposite team *leaves room as to hold back overflowing urges of laughter*.

Best wishes on a bad topic

*falls to the floor in laughter*...

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Cya guys round aye, Don't forgot to hold onto your coke properly :P

Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Far From Being On Time

So Far From Being On Time

O wow I am so sorry, I have been so busy with underwater hockey tournaments, been sick (for like the millionth time this year) and the kings crown, I started exams. I'm about half way through them now so I don't think a good post will be coming through any time in the very near future. But when I get back it will be a good one. I'm thinking of jamming on Paris Hilton... O the poor excuses crack addicts have for cocaine found in their purses. But as for now I'm going to be a tad absent.

So yea don't miss me too much, I'll be back around soon with some good content and yadeyaya but till then

Cya guys around :D
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