Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Glad I Wasn't Naked

I'm Glad I Wasn't Naked

Ya know Jehovah's Witnesses? Well I just had a close encounter with something worse. I'm on my study leave for my mid year exams so I was in the midst of doing the routine get up late and shower slowly, have a bad breakfast and procrastinate the study fact for a good long time.

Now whilst having my shower I hear a knock at the door. I put on a towel and sneak a peek out the window. It's a lady of about 50 years of age standing outside the front door. I run to get clothes on (still dripping wet) and find denim pants and a shirt (no time for underwear). I hear the doorbell ring again as I'm putting these rough pants on and pulling this shirt on over my wet hair and soaking body. I answer the door to a lady who was like.

"Hi, we're wondering if Mrs Law or Mr Law was in?" In the most lethargic tone I've ever heard.
"Um no they're at work right now."
"Ok well are you their son?"
"Yea?" (I think I actually said it like a question, if only you had seen this lady.)
And then she said "O ok" Turns around and says.
"Lilian. We've got one."

First of all I'm not sure if she said Vivian or Lilian or even a crazy word that made no sense because at this point she wasn't making much sense anyways. Secondly. "We've got one"??? What the hell? like honestly. What the hell! It gets worse.

From out of the blindspot of my doorway an even older lady comes out and is like.
"O hello there are you a catholic?" *whaaaaaat?*
"I aaaa haven't been to mass in awhile..." *yea 13 years...*
"O ok we are trying to get back in contact with all the catholics in the area." says slightly younger lady. Looking not crazy in comparison what so ever.
"O ok, have a nice d..."
"So you're the son are you, how many siblings are there? Any younger ones who have never seen gods glory." interrupts older lady.
"One little brother and two older ones." *youngest ones 14 I think he's outta the priests hands. If you know what I mean :)... Sorry to the devout catholics

anyways this conversation continues on for another about 10 minutes with awkward questions abouts my family, siblings and my religious devotion (kinda been absent since I was 3). Anyways I bid these catholics goodbye after taking their pamphlet. THEN...

As I'm boiling my water to make me some of my favourite noodles. I hear the reversing of their van (and the jump of my joy) until I hear a car door open. I'm like *o crap did they forget something?* I look out the window and they've backed thier van into my fence. Too scared of sparking another conversation with them I just look out of my window as they try to re-adjust their van to hit my fence again. FACEPALM. Third time lucky they leave and I finally get to eat me noodles a little less stress free.

All I can say is I'm glad I didn't answer the door in a towel like I normally do. Thank you god... Maybe I should attend mass again... Maybe?

I couldn't find a closing pic so... OLD NUN


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