All My Writing.... EVA

This is all my writing I have chucked up on and around the net. This is taking me ages to link and do so appreciate it!

Ginger People May/25/09 MUST SEE!
Bearded Dragons and Argentine Horned Frogs May/27/09
NZ: Land Down Under May/27/09
Hydrocarbons: The Fun Of Chemistry May/27/09
Eyebrows: Why Do We Need Them May/28/09
5 Best PC FPS Games I've Ever Played June/1/09
Sex Pistols: Punk Rock Legends June/1/09
Become an Awesome Guitarist: Lesson 1 June/2/09
Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong? June/2/09
Male or Female? Battle of The Sexes June/3/09 MUST SEE!
Little Emo Kid June/10/09 MUST SEE!
Quotes That Help Me Through The Day June/12/09
Becoming a Man June/21/09
Why Nobody Likes You June/23/09
Most Beautiful Haiku In the World July/10/09 MUST SEE!
Swine Flew July/11/09 MUST SEE!
Circles July/18/09 MUST SEE!
Why We Cheat: Human Betrayal Uncovered July/20/09
10 Cool, Awe-Inspiring and Nearly Pointless Facts July/27/09 MUST SEE!
Braces, Retainers: Hell In Your Mouth July/30/09 MUST SEE!
Death: Why Should We Be Scared Of It? August/1/09
Exams and The Pain Of Study November/9/09 MUST SEE!
Picture Pandemonium: Episode 1 February/8/10 MUST SEE!
Picture Pandemonium: Episode 2 February/11/10
Cool, Modern and Easy Guitar Songs March/12/10
Moshing Guide For Dummies May/1/10
Lets Wipe A Country Off The Earth June/10/10
Politics and Pornography June/11/10
Fight Club: Mindfuck Time July/16/10
Bioshock 2: Big Sisters July/17/10
Gaming Craze November/28/10
How to Battle Your Way Through School November/28/10
Differentiation: Product Rule December/2/10
Differentiation: Quotient Rule December/3/10

So here we have all my writing pieces I'm not ashamed of. Whenever I write something cool you'll find it on here and it'll be updated to my twitter. Warning though a lot of my posting is complete garbage because I use it to advertise and earn some spare cents here and there, everyone new to this sorta thing will feel me with that one. But honestly add me. If I get enough followers I'll post regularly.

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