Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Tiger Woods, How's Being Single?

Dear Tiger Woods, How's Being Single?

Dear Tiger Woods

It has come to my knowledge that you have recently split up with your wife, and for that I am sorry. I do however like your views on teaching young kids about sex education as you obviously are quite adept in this practise. You're setting such a lovely image for your admirers

"13 years ago, my Dad and I envisioned helping children through education. That work is unchanged." - Tiger Woods

It is a great shame to see such an iconic figure such as yourself stoop to such lows but can we blame you? Long tours away from your wife, home and dearly beloved. It's all justification to have sex with over 120 women...

"Starting tomorrow I will return for more treatment and therapy"

The only thing I can pull from this is that you are starting to return to something? All I can say is that it is kinda sucky to see a great sporting hero to many go so wrong. It's like when Chris Brown ragdolled Rihanna or when we found out the only reason Paris Hilton was famous was because we could look at her naked on the internet. It's these subtle let downs I choose to prey on and make the best of. So in the words of Joey Tribiani

"If you're going to do it wrong, do it right!"

And can we deny that you didn't ole Tiger ole pal?

Yours with love

P.S! More grill letters! Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay again, Miley Cyrus

In all honesty though. My view on Tiger Woods professional career is unchanged. I still think he's an iconic golfer and to let his personal life get in the way of his image may be hard to look past (I'll refrain from the obvious self set up joke) but hey, life's life we gotta move on... And not have sex with everything in our path. :) 121... jeez...
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