Friday, May 21, 2010

Sporting Fail Of The Year

Sporting Fail Of The Year

Now we have seen some pretty bad things happen at my school. Just yesterday a kid stole a car, crashed it and caused a three car pile up then ran through the school with a screw driver while a helicopter and platoon of police officers hunted this kid and his passenger down through the school. Do you know what the funny thing about all this is though? Well when a totally innocent, law abiding citizen tried to help, the perfectly trained police dog of the NZ police mauled the humble Samaritan.

"Sick him boy!"

No but this is not the main idea of my post. No. *btw we've been on lock down twice this year and it's not even half way through the year. Anyone would think we're in the bad parts of Compton." This post is about the head of P.E at our school when presenting our half ass waterpolo team with certificates.

The story begins... In a land far far away...

We were sitting through a gruelling honours assembly to honour the great athletic achievements so far in the year. We had to listen to a lady speak and tell us about her life *she honestly told us about everything she did, at one point the crowd groaned because it went so long, her speech even went into lunch time.* Then it came to the actual certificate giving. Now get this straight the first time our totally onto it head of P.E went to say a girl called Nicole's last name he some how magically called her Nicole Kidman <-- *that one sounds like a joke* . 0.o. And let me tell you he's onto it. Then proceeding to read the waterpolo boys name we were presented with our certificates.

Softball - 2009 - Junior girls grade - western division - Sam Law

What we actually did...

Waterpolo - 2010 - Senior boys grade - North Island Tournament - Sam Law

Quick shop aaaaand...

You have my head of P.E...

Our completely onto it head of P.E managed to pull some random certificate off his shelf and write our names on it. The only right piece of information on the certificates was our names.

He then went onto miss a girl's name out completely, showing how much actual concentration the old fart had.

It doesn't stop there. When giving me my badge instead of a waterpolo badge he gave me a soccer badge. :P I went back to him later and got my actual badge and now have both soccer and waterpolo, so that one was kind of a win. But honestly this guy definitely deserves the king of sporting fails this year!

Props Mr Jamieson

Cya guys :)



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