Monday, May 3, 2010

Guest Posting: Time To Get Serious

Now is the time I have to get serious about my blog. I've decided firstly to take the day's out of my upcoming posts. I noticed that no one really cares and it was just clogging up the titles.

I've also decided to appeal to a larger audience by writing stuff that people care about. None of this totally personal crud I've been producing previously.

So here it is fellows!

I want people to come forward and help me get my blog off it's feet. I'm offering guest posters who need backlinks (just like I) to come and post stuff on my blog, in return I can post my personal opinions and/or experience in fields I may or may not have.

As I'm new to blogging this opportunity will be open to nearly anyone.

- Speak English

I'm making this post a page also. Just to let everyone know that this offer is open to all anytime ever.

So get contacting me at:
(sams)blog(at)hotmaildotcom without brackets

Also I love it when i see you've dropped me a comment. These rare momentus things only come along so often to a new blogger like me. So get commenting and really consider helping me out with this guest posting thingy majig. Should be some fun.

Catch you guys on the flip flop later!


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