Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday, Twas the ram

Heeeeey now i've been gone for like a week now so this is my first post in a while. Man have I been busy, waterpolo tourney, homework, music stuff. It's all happening in the last 2 weeks before school goes on break.

So first item on the agenda. It turns out it was in fact the ram on my computer that was screwing it up so yay me new ram free on warranty :) I have my functioning computer back up and running so hoorah!

Second item: we came second in the waterpolo by one goal. Grrrrr

Third: My blog is finally on google!!! type in sam's point of view and there I am! WAM on googles front page. Don't bring me down by saying that there aren't other sam's who need a point of view. Let me be happy for a lil while.

Fourth: I can use Amazon to really randomely advertise stuff :) E-cig Win! Stop Smoking Here!!!

Random Pic Time!

O you just gotta love photoshop!
So I'ma make a page for all the little jokes I make so new people reading this blog won't go WOW whats NHBT? So just look to your right I'm sure you'll see it sitting there jsut having a chill on the right side of my page :) There it is... On the right there... Just chilln

Ok so I went to a party in toga. It was choice, everyone saw my nipple infact it was so choice that George and maggie came toga aswell. So yes lots of pictures of us three, the toga trio. If you wanna see pictures from that party you can go to the link below

FB Pics here

I really should be stumbling uponing all these posts so I can get more people reading bout my awesome life but ugh.... so much effort, instead lets talk about last night.

I had a waterpolo game at 7pm didn't get home till 9:30pm so I sat at home... MLIA. Yup last night was boring didn't do nothing, nothing at all. This sadness deserves another random picture considering this post isn't really about too much. I covered everything in a nutshell with my agenda!

Silly Ducks these days :P

Anyways thats enough from me today so i'll see you later, hopefully it's not all the way next week :)

Bold theme from last time was pointless stuff, good luck guessing this one *CLUE* MLIA should be bolded a lot more time :P

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, Spur Of The Moment Things Are Great

Suuuuup all. Man today is a sweet day in NZ sun's hot yet the wind is cold makes a real wierd mix of temperature but feels awesome after you've been swimming. So people today is the first day of a waterpolo tournament I'm in and I just had my first game... Now I'm at home wagging because lets be honest. School is boring :P why would I want to do calculus when i can sit at home and do nothing. but yes we did win our game 4-10 so that's just dandy :P.

What the choker in this choking pic failed to notice is that the chokee has a badass tat. As soon as this guy gets cap string out of his mouth he will proceed to beat the living daylight out of this man until his daylight is no longer living.

Soooooo my title says that things done on the spur of the moment are great. Pretty much I'm learning trumpet now 0.o. Yup went to school and now I'm learning trumpet. On the list of things I've done on the spur of the moment this actually isn't that high up there but what made me want to learn trumpet? What made me want to rub deep heat on my balls? :P *Explanation here*.

Now in my music class I was instructed to listen to Ronan Keating's - Life is a Rollercoster. Something about 3 notes in the chorus, anyways i'm not too sure but looking through the description, the video uploader had used his info tab to advertise electronic cigarettes. Talk about info unrelated... Makes me wonder if pointless advertising in random places actually works. *side note: What the hell are electric cigarettes???*

*sigh another way to make it look healthy*

anyways that's enough *buy warming lube for only 9.99 at savemart* for me today, ill see you guys on the flip flop later!

Bold theme from last time was cool s**t. Have fun guessing for this one!

O yea and there was 5 of those codes :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, Short Post Of Doom!

Hey people! My main blog topic today is mindless drivel, mainly for the fact that I have to claim my blog on technorati and I have to confirm with a short little code as such 9K8C45HTQ58A. So yes there it is but this post is not over! No far from it in fact. Since I'm on the computer I think I should use my time creatively. So I'll state a few facts that I posted to a thingymajig awhile ago. They're quite interesting.

1. Cold things don’t give off the cold, they take in the heat.

2. Every time you move your muscles, 100’s of millions of tiny molecules called adenozine triphospahte are broken down into adenozine diphosphate and energy to make your muscle move.

3. Eating celery burns more calories than is actually in the celery itself.

4. Drinking cold water helps to burn calories. Your body has to heat up the water to absorb it. Heating the water up is what burns the fat.

5. People who aren’t or don’t speak German sound funny when trying to speak it.

6. Women get a heroin like rush from hearing themselves talk.

7. Jumping on a grenade that’s just landed in your trench to use yourself as a human sacrifice will work and save all the other men in your trench.

8. Emos are funny.

9. We are closely related to primates.

10.I’m not sure why you’re reading this.

So i posted this on a writing site I use it's cool I get money for it :) WIN

Picture slighty 9K8C45HTQ58A related.

So i've got no reason to still be blog posting but hey why not throw a youtube vid in just for the lols. WATCH BELOW IMA TALK ABOUT IT!!!

K so if any of you have watched Ray William Johnson and seen =3 you will have seen this but man oh man is this funny.

See I think this is his world war 2 suppression coming back to bite him in the ass, you see after seeing all that world 9K8C45HTQ58A war 2 jazz he must have to let out a laugh or two :P, can we get a word count on how many times he says lol? I think we are just witnessing the inventor if this acronym dam. But yes credit to the new rick roll of 2010, In soviet Russia we roll Rick. :P.

Never gonna give you up... Let you down... never guna ha ha ha ha ye ye ye ye yeeeee lol lol lol lol lol lol lol ho ho ho ho hooooo

Rick Astley/ Russian laugh dude WIN.

ha peace out crew, thank you for reading my post that I pulled outta my ass just because I needed to join 9K8C45HTQ58A technorati. Just btw how many codes did you count?


K new game! I've started to highlight everything with a common theme and you guys have to guess it! I haven't done this with other blog posts till now I'll tell you what it is next time! Get Guessing!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday, Free Is My Favourite Word

Happy end of weekend everybody! Yes it's the end of the weekend and people are packing school bags, Brief cases and cones *for the stoners* and getting ready for a new week. I am suppose to be doing a calculus assignment but no one needs calculus so why the hell would I even bother doing it? Now I've got a question for everyone. Do you take advantage of stuff when it's free? For example, there are people handing out free samples at the food stores for new food thats on the market. Do you

A) Take one and don't take anymore because you feel like you've taken enough.
B) Take one circle round and back to get another one because its free.
C) Take as many as you can without them shooing you away for mooching of the freebies.

Now me I'm kind of a B) sort of guy but when it's gets down to the nitty gritty of your mates having a 21st and theres alot of free alcohol I'm looking at about a D).

So yes *NBHT?* I had a good time at the party drinking lots chatting to random people I didn't know... Who were also drinking lots, and overall had a good time but here comes the bad part. You know how you always feel bad after a night of drinking? Well I get a feeling in my gut like chucking would satisfy it's craving, well I had to play a waterpolo on that feeling and damn it didn't go down well, so close to projectile vomitting on the dude I was marking, alls well that ends well. Mums bacon and egg pie when i come home :).

Now people I don't want to get sick but my snot nose little brother, is coughing every few seconds around me. Now what do I do to stay healthy??? I've seen him he coughs in his hand, then puts his hand on a table?!?!? it's lose lose if I want to eat I have to eat germs :P I'm thinking I may have to give him to the gypsies who left him on our doorstep. shhhh don't tell him the truth we're waiting to break it to him that santa isn' real next year on his 15th birthday. No I tease he doesn't think santa is real atleast I hope he doesn't.

Guttered to be that kid :) anyways I'm off have a great Monday like I know you won't O btw if you wanna know what NBHT means your gunna have to read This post here!

Cya round people, stay pretty

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday, Such A Lonely Day

Such a lonely day, and it's mine... Yes, well no I'm having a quiet friday night tonight watching youtube videos chilling away at beers here and there. I state that it's a lonely day because I'm just sitting at home. No friday night party or anything. I am however going to a 21st tomorrow which should provide me with some fun. Happy Bday steph you da best underwater hockey coach out :).

So the drama continues at school. On this episode of Avondale college... you know teenagers, if you wanna see whats going on at our school just go watch an episode of the hills and take out the crappy acting. wooooeeee if I had a dollar for every time I've heard the word slut slung at someone this week, I would have quite a few dollars. The strange thing is a lot of em are to friends who are just angry that they aren't christian and live according to the bible, sounds really like ye olde dark ages of christianity it does. We can all be thankful they aren't scientologists and think aliens are impregnating our females.

Ok so I've been doing physics at school and been lately informed of someones rule of if it's bigger it can't travel as fast due to drag and stuff so thats why light travels so fast yadeyayaya, so if so the closest star being still ages away doesn't that mean that aliens would have to be able to live millions of years to even be able to get to earth alive due to the fact that they won't be able to travel the speed of light and all that outer space shit is light years away? Whatever is the possibilities or whatever I think this person below has got it all wrong :P.

See I have heard about voids of space where there is no matter so maybe it's possible but lets get off the physical up you butthole topic for now aye, don't wanna be sounding like sheldon. :P

Ok so this video I'm about to post caught the attention of the wannabe ninja inside of me. Watch below!

They title this a fail but I would say it's more of an epic win! how many people can stop a person flying at them with one foot! Insane in the membrane! Anyways people I'll see ya round with another post another time.

Drop me a comment with some posting ideas, drop a comment saying hi, It's all cool I'll catchya guys later.

Ninja WIN!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursday, Running In Circles

Shalom, to all my bros and especially to my jewish bros, I feel obliged to bring some hebrew out in this post as our school jew, Jakob has recently had a facebook page made for him.

Jakob the Jew FB Group

And yes the demotivator does say, jews, they really are a sub race. I find it kinda mean because he's not really a jew his dad is but you know how teenagers are. So anyways a hefty shalom to my buddy Jakob we love you, you dirty jew... O and join the club "Ima nigga flip you". If you haven't seen the nigga flip go to and get ready to have your mind blowen. It's possibly the best thing I have ever seen :P.

Ima Nigga Flip you FB Group


Ok so I've had my head running round in circles with my main computer. It's been blue screening of death out my asshole. Try to reinstall windows and format... BSOD. Try to play a game, It's fine. Try to post a blog post BSOD!!!. Try to test memory... BSOFD!!! I'm lost for words on this one but I think I'm nearly there slaving away on forums and stuff. As Cleveland would say, "it'll be nice...".

The worst thing about it is I just bought Bioshock 2 and I can't freakn install it, the anticipation is drilling into my skull. This is why I just get a ps3, sure it'd run me 600 bux but man it'd save me a whole lot of trouble. I did run a memory test on my computer and it said a good and healthy computer should have no memory problems and be able to run for weeks. My computer had multiple in the first 0.1% and then was followed by a BSOD. Atleast my computers consistent.

Anyways off to dinner, I'll see you guys on the flip flop later.

Shalom to my spartans.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday, Balls On Fiyah!

Hey Hey it's tuesday and as the title said my balls today were on fire! Not from a disease or a setting fire to off the pubic region but a vast amount of deep heat cream being applied to the testiculer region. Lemme explain, it was the morning and my friend was using some of this stuff on his leg because he tore a muscle or something I dunno but somehow the occasion arose that someone should put it on their nuts, so me being the silly boy I am took the fall and put a little bit on. Apparently the first amount wasn't enough so they gave me a bigger dollop to apply to my scrotum.

*This was the closest I could get to Balls on Fire... Bear **is that how you spell it?** with me*

After lathering on an excessive dosage a tingle started to befall on my balls. This quickly escalated to a searing pain. This pain can't be stopped with water, paper towels to try and remove said cream or me not thinking about them. SO after a good half an hour of burning balls it wore off leaving my bags pink, so very pink... As I always so no experience is a complete loss. *Make your friend drink till he spews... you have to clean up the spew... It seems like a complete loss at the time but you learn in the future that it's only funny till you have to clean it up. A blog post for another time maybe.* This occasion left me understanding that deep heat cream is not for the sensitive scrotum skin that protects your nuts :P.

Ok I couldn't really find a picture relating to my scrotum being on fire so this video of a guys nads getting stomped on after being lit on fire will have to do. I guess the fire part is kinda related...

So anyway my Tuesday was slightly eventful as I had to sit through the first 3 periods of school with tender nuts just trying not to move too much and prevent myself from becoming infertile :S.

That's it for me today, hopefully I can get a better, longer, less singed post out in the next couple of days, but until then. Stay pretty everybody, o so pretty, and witty and g...

It's ironic cuz FML is better :P

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monday, Start Of It All Again

welcome back people, I have yet again been faced with the crapola problems of a computer so I'm forced to use a cruddy neanderthole *is that how you spell it?* of a computer but non-the-less I can get my blog posts out.

My main computer is really frustrating me but hey lets just try get past it and get a good post out here aye. So anyways last you saw me I was heading off to a typical teenage kiwi weekend of drinking and sleeping where we fall. Well I went to George's and had a relatively good night. Drunk some brews, watched inglorious basterds *side note, is it just more or is brad pitt just the man in every movie there is.* O fave part when he's trying to talk Italian to the Jew Hunter, lol epic win.

So yes we got to see Brad Pitt putting on a poor Italian accent, carving symbols into nazi's heads and de-scalping the then dead nazi's. Over all an alright movie aye. I thought they made the death of people like hitler a bit insignificant though. Anyways back to the actual party. So yea I didn't actually make it to sleep that night till 6 am and had to wake up at 9am soooo I was really sleep deprived after a hard night. It was all made better by mass amounts of instant noodles upon waking. I swear the teenage population lives off only indomie mi-goreng noodles, and why not they have to be one of the best creations to ever be made. Easy to make and taste freaking excellent.

So that was good and my brother ben came back from Thailand after his honey moon so thats always a good addition to the weekend. Welcome back Ben, have fun getting back to work with your brand new wife.

If anyone can remember when I went baking with my mates awhile back I finally got the link to all the uploaded photos so here it is! this isn't bake like dope bake, it's like bake, coconut slice and chocolate cake bake :P

Bakefest 2010!

Add me on facebook I can always use new friends! Links below!

My Facebook!

Anyways that's my post for now have a good week!

*side side note, If anyone remembers from one of the earlier posts I talked about the underwater hockey video we had to make for nationals. Well If you haven't seen it. Feast your eyes on this.*

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday, Birthday Time

It's Friday and I'm winding down after a long week. Schools been stressing, teachers have been a hating and me as always is o so lazy to do any work set out by them. Maybe that's why their hating, maybe they're on their monthly :P. Either way school is over and it's the afternoon before my friday night. OK so george one of my better mates is having drinks at his house with a few of his mates for his birthday. What a lot of people don't know is that it is actually happening. Picture this...

"It's my birthday this weekend"
"O yea happy birthday, you doing anything?"
"Yea might just have a couple of drinks at my house"
"Ok sign me up for it"... Stop there, now multiply that conversation by about 50 people. His parents are cool people but 50 teenagers at his place getting drunk is a no show for his parents so now he's told half the people that his parents are being nazis and it's all off. Ha but little do they know that a few boys and girls are still going to have some birthday fun.

I love how in this picture they make his bottle look so ruggedy and disgusting like drinking is a bad thing :P.

George and I had this joke that we should bake a cake with a dildo in it and give the cake to someone for their birthday. Soooo as his present I'm making him a cake, I've been hinting through the week that I've bought such properties of this illicit manner, this one is sure to pull a few laughs as I present him a cake in front of his parents :)

It looks appetizing now... but you just wait.

So only a short post today, I'll see you peeps later. Have a good weekend and heres one last pic to send you on your way.

Did he buy his pants from the same store as ron burgundy?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday, Why Did I Get Outta Bed

Ever have those days? When you sit back and think, now why did I get out of bed? Well today I had one of those days and looking back in retrospect I keep asking myself this very question. I know I said this wouldn't be a bitch blog but hey after one of these days you too would be bitching bout how *F**ked your life is :P*. I love that site just btw.

Anyways lets start at the start. Alarms late I jump to put uniform on and shovel down a hasty breakfast, running out of the door with my even later brother I say if we catch the bus it has to be a good day (*side not* now I'm not too superstitous but I think god smited me just at this moment and jinxed my very words. I think I may start to become more superstitous and renew my look on religion **side side note** I use to be catholic when I was a wee little lad, I'm just waiting for some potentially bad catholic priest supressed memories to pop up any time ***side side side note*** no wonder we stopped going to mass...). Anyways we caught the bus and I was jinxed for the rest of the day. I am now going to greet my walk out of the door with. Damn today is going to be the worst day of my life so when it's horrible I can say "Ha past me was right my life sux!" or if it goes well I can say "hey that day wasn't to bad :P MLIA..." FML > MLIA just btw.

Onwards. 3rd period, Calculus test. Need I say more? I thought algebra was hard then wam! Calcubra! Bitch bitch moan moan, bear with me my friends laugh when I say come hehe come... (*side note* connatations are great). Yes so I have been crying to people I will probably never see but man it gets worse. So after school I have waterpolo. Actually nothing bad happened there. It went alright... I had a waterpolo training NBHT? Nothing bad happened there... see what I did? It was good? it was like FML and MLi... O y do I bother.

So after waterpolo I come home to relax for an hour before I go to under water hockey trials for a club team. My main computer is bugging and the antivirus is screwing up the whole computer making it very slow and lethargic. Until I can be bothered to fix it I tell my brother not to use it. I am now forced to use my moms computer which is an obselete oven which restarts without command just because it's angry that it will soon be come a factor in E-Waste, even the enviromentalists would agree that this piece needs to be put down, I'm struggling to type out a post without it randomly restarting on me. Anyways onwards to under water hockey, I get there to find my mask is missing *checks column for $90+ for new gear*... *adds that to missing school jumper checks the plus $80 column*. I come home stressed and tired after 2 and a half hours of swimming in the space of 4 hours to find my brother care free playing on the computer unprotected from an anti virus. My words to him were, don't play on there or I'll slap you, hard. Now can you guess what the best part of my day was?

Tomorrow I don't think I'm going to get out of bed...

That's me for the time being, feel prided that your life didn't suck as much as mine did today and if it did I can't really be bothered reading it cause I don't want to be so hypocritic as that I would also read the thing I despise as to what I'm already doing what I despise. So if no one loves you and no one will listen to you just remember that you can add me to the list of people who don't care about your problems :).

No but honestly sorry and maybe some other time when I'm not pissed off about nearly $200 dollars worth of lost stuff in the space of a week. Sorry for the rant, catch you cool cats later.

I typed pwnd into google images and this one made me laugh... NBHT???

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tuesday Tuna

Greetings to all. So I'm winding down after a big tuesday at school, just had jazz combo and I've got me a few charts to learn. Now In a mid week like this there isn't too much to blog about so I'll bring up the point a friend of mine Matt made. Ok so while watching my other friend Elvin helplessly scoop tuna out of a tin dripping it all over his shorts bestowing a fishy stench over him, Matt brought up the point of Tuesday Tuna!

That is one big mofo of a tuna by the way. Anyways, Tuesday Tuna is a song his band plays, Blue Room Experiment, go check these guys out they know what theyre doing, head on down to myspace or facebook I don't know which one they're on every social communities the same anyways. It may be a song by Blue Room or it may be a special down at the supermarket, I honestly can't remember. If it's not a song by Blue Room they should go make it one.

Here they tied up Matt in glad wrap for no particular reason, but lets be honest Matts a poofta, we all love him, but he's a bit of a poofta, drives an orange mini and lands all the girls in the year above, but somehow he's still a poofta (Peace Matt you da man.). So yea go check out these guys cuz they got some great s**t coming out and i wouldn't be suprised if they became very famous, very soon.

My new fave band atm has to be cage the elephant. So many catchy songs, you gotta check these guys out too. they play this song that they used for a borderlands ad, so everytime I hear them it makes me wanna get a ps3, go to itunes and check these guys out.

Now I've stumbled across an image here that posed a very obvious question.

Why the hell would you leave your gun all the way over there if a lion was gunna come near?!?!

anyways that's me for today. Stay sexy world
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