Monday, May 10, 2010

Natural Disaster In New Zealand

Natural Disaster In New Zealand

So it's 6am Saturday morning. I'd just been out late on a Friday night and was in a deep sleep. Off in dreamland making the impossible true. Let me tell you this was a great sleep, sleeping beauty's sleep was dwarfed compared to this one. The pillow, so soft. The bed, comforting. The duvet, so warm. And that's when it happened...

A sound so unruly, creeped up from the distance, out of nowhere like a thunderous, earthquake, tsunami or some other natural disaster that may confuse a sleep deprived teen. I jump out of bed with my sleep goggles still on *blurry vision obtained after a deep sleep*. Swaying through the corridors of my house thinking that at any time I could be swept, quaked or some other thinged away at any inevitable time. At this point in time of my frantic frenzy it would have been any man for himself, I would have thrown anybody out of my way to get up the stairs *in case of tsunami that is, if it's a quake or something else we pretty much just have to bend over and kiss our own asses good bye*.

A lot of people jump into water in NZ, we're surrounded by beaches. At any time this could happen, then it's every man for him self.

So there I was life flashing before my eyes to the unidentified sound and rumble. I could only think of one thing to do for my last moment and that was to gaze out the window and wait for my demise. Now looking back I can definitely say I would do something different if my last moment was about to be seconds upon arrival. But for now all I could do was look out the window at my early appointment with the after life. And there it was...

Quick fact: When I found this picture it was called Sam's scared face. Funny that...

It was a f*****g garbage truck. Slowly cruising down my street. Who in there right minds drives a loud ass truck down a street at 6am waking up even the deepest sleepers like I. The only thing I can pull from this experience is that I'm paranoid of natural disasters. I hadn't seen or heard of any danger and I'm running round my house half blind, swaying into walls ready to push any Tom, Dick or Harry out of the way to save my own life. I'm a horrible person what can I say :)

Well today's the last day before I go on study leave for my mid years. Wish me luck people, I have a few whole days off for study so I may be able to get a post out if I'm not swamped from looking at paper with info I'll probably never use in life.

Cya people :)

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