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Summer And A Half: New Years

Summer And A Half: New Years

As I said in my previous post, a lot has happened this summer (NZ) a bit too much to fit into one post so I said I'd spread it out over a few posts. So part one of my summer and a half is here with my holiday over new years.

I wish I could find the pictures and videos that were taken over the new year holiday but until someone gets a copy from my brother over in aussie (his fiance took all the photos) I won't be able to upload any. :( I hope that I'll get them soon so people seeing this later will be able to see them and share in their awesomeness.

So into the pictureless run down. We drove up north to a camp site about an hour north of Whangarei on the 29th. The weather was horrible and we were lucky for a patch of dryness to pitch our tent (hehe). So from the 29th to the morning of new years eve (yay my birthday). After about 10am it stopped raining and decided to belt down with sunshine, so much me and all my mates got burnt it was typical New Zealand wheather, pissing down one moment then scorching you the next. Adding to the burn my sister in law didn't pick us up from the beach on her way through because her and my other brother's girlfriend (affore mentioned brother's fiance, he proposed to her just after the new year period) had put up a big banner saying happy birthday, got me a crown and lay, leigh, ley??? the hawaiin flowery thing you put around your neck which I had to wear all night and a whole bunch of balloons containing little notes with dares I had to do on them for my 17th birthday.

Ok so heres how the balloons work. When someone popped one I would have the choice to do the dare or have a piece of clothing removed chosen by the balloon popper and then the balloon popper ould get a flick to flick me in the crotch, I wasn't allowed to replace the clothing either. So some big stakes up for a simple dare, what I thought was going to be some simple dares. Take in mind I did them all :). There were over like 15 dares so I can't remember them all, I've just put in the ones I can remember.

Dare 1: Serinade a girl
- I play guitar so I just played a jazz version of I'll take you to the candy shop that I made up, I sung it to my friends mum and she knew what was going on so she was cool with it

Dare 2: Snort a line of raro
- raro is like a drink mix you mix with water, it was terrible I could smell pineapple for ages

Dare 3: Kiss a girl
- like 8 stepped forward, no I'm kidding. I'll leave this with you though. I got it done :)

Dare 4: Do a tequila stuntman
- this thing has to be a concoction of the freakn devil. I had to snort the salt (watsup with them and making me snort things right?) squirt lemon in my eye then do the tequila shot. I'm really guttered I don't have the video of  me doing this because I do have it and its really funny watchn me do it.

Dare 5: Everytime someone says happy new year scream at the top of your voice 'cockadoodledoo'
- this one was mroe annoying than anything, after a while people caught on and just played me like a puppet, it was funny though I was walking past someone I had no affiliation with and just said happy new year to them, they then replied. cockadoodledoo. It was funny :D

Dare 6: do a streak down the beach after midnight.
- yup this one did happen, I ran don the beach after midnight naked, because I didn't trust any of my mates with my clothes I ran with them under my arm, I actually lost my underwear along the way but because my brothers were shooting fireworks at me (thanks guys) and you know the whole being naked thing I didn't stop to get them. All in good fun though. I did however find them 2 days later totally buried under sand, gave em a wash and they were all good. :)

So that was my new years, we stayed up a few days more with great weather and then came happy after a good lil holiday.

so that was the first and probably most exciting installment to my summer and a half, the others will be more updates and opefully not as long, this one definitely had some length haha.

catchya lata guys

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