Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Genetic Evolution? Or Butchery?

Genetic Evolution? Or Butchery?

Hey people I've been gone for a few days for a few reasons. I can't think of a post topic, been busy and I just got Bioshock 2! Now this solved one problem but made the busy problem a lot worse. So anyways it got me wondering about the concept of splicing genes, human parts and penultimately creating super beings.

So first of all lets look at the background of the Bioshock games. You're dropped down into Rapture as a human in the 1st and as a big daddy in the second. Bladee bla blaa... You face lots of splicers *pretty much once were humans now they're cut up (spliced) abominations. Rapture is an underground city in which they conducted many politically incorrect tests. Which caused a lot of screwed up people and plasmids *shoot fire from your hands yadee ya ya ya...*

Some cool concept art I found on google. Don't sue me!

Now this got me pondering how far modern science has come and the extent that one day people may be doing things like the scientists from Rapture have done. Not creating plasmids so you can shoot lightning from your hands but using enzymes and technology and all that jazz to rewrite the genomes of people to further improve or destroy them. I do biology at school and know for a fact that you can cut up certain genes from one organism and after a few steps and stuff you can have it functioning in another. It's crazy to think that in the future people won't be butchering genes from people and creating ideal DNA to plant in others.

Look at the recent biological advance with the creation of a synthetic cell. They can create DNA and no longer need another living organism to help them do it. Of course it will get to the stage where human rights come in and people start saying that you shouldn't be messing with the hand of god, but there will also come the time that people decide to defy the act of nature and create their own (splicer) to set upon the world. It may be for good, it may end up horribly wrong. I did hear from a very unreliable source *my friend...* that they've isolated the aging gene. If that's true people will stop dieing of old age.

No death? Happy old man!

Some may debate these sort of acts are modern evolution, without the selection pressures and works of natural selection at hand to change us as a human race. As I can see it Bioshock may have just proved a point that we shouldn't mess with what we're made of. My opinion is that you can't find out what the consequence will be if you don't take the risk. So I'm more pro DNA and gene butchering.

Give me your opinion!

Cya guys, stay unspliced :)



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i think it would be an amazing breakthrough for science, however doing this may overpopulate the universe, and cause major issues between people who believe it is immoral to do such a thing. I personally believe that it would be amazing to see this happen, but there are always going to be good and bad outcomes..

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