Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday, Twas the ram

Heeeeey now i've been gone for like a week now so this is my first post in a while. Man have I been busy, waterpolo tourney, homework, music stuff. It's all happening in the last 2 weeks before school goes on break.

So first item on the agenda. It turns out it was in fact the ram on my computer that was screwing it up so yay me new ram free on warranty :) I have my functioning computer back up and running so hoorah!

Second item: we came second in the waterpolo by one goal. Grrrrr

Third: My blog is finally on google!!! type in sam's point of view and there I am! WAM on googles front page. Don't bring me down by saying that there aren't other sam's who need a point of view. Let me be happy for a lil while.

Fourth: I can use Amazon to really randomely advertise stuff :) E-cig Win! Stop Smoking Here!!!

Random Pic Time!

O you just gotta love photoshop!
So I'ma make a page for all the little jokes I make so new people reading this blog won't go WOW whats NHBT? So just look to your right I'm sure you'll see it sitting there jsut having a chill on the right side of my page :) There it is... On the right there... Just chilln

Ok so I went to a party in toga. It was choice, everyone saw my nipple infact it was so choice that George and maggie came toga aswell. So yes lots of pictures of us three, the toga trio. If you wanna see pictures from that party you can go to the link below

FB Pics here

I really should be stumbling uponing all these posts so I can get more people reading bout my awesome life but ugh.... so much effort, instead lets talk about last night.

I had a waterpolo game at 7pm didn't get home till 9:30pm so I sat at home... MLIA. Yup last night was boring didn't do nothing, nothing at all. This sadness deserves another random picture considering this post isn't really about too much. I covered everything in a nutshell with my agenda!

Silly Ducks these days :P

Anyways thats enough from me today so i'll see you later, hopefully it's not all the way next week :)

Bold theme from last time was pointless stuff, good luck guessing this one *CLUE* MLIA should be bolded a lot more time :P


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