Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, Short Post Of Doom!

Hey people! My main blog topic today is mindless drivel, mainly for the fact that I have to claim my blog on technorati and I have to confirm with a short little code as such 9K8C45HTQ58A. So yes there it is but this post is not over! No far from it in fact. Since I'm on the computer I think I should use my time creatively. So I'll state a few facts that I posted to a thingymajig awhile ago. They're quite interesting.

1. Cold things don’t give off the cold, they take in the heat.

2. Every time you move your muscles, 100’s of millions of tiny molecules called adenozine triphospahte are broken down into adenozine diphosphate and energy to make your muscle move.

3. Eating celery burns more calories than is actually in the celery itself.

4. Drinking cold water helps to burn calories. Your body has to heat up the water to absorb it. Heating the water up is what burns the fat.

5. People who aren’t or don’t speak German sound funny when trying to speak it.

6. Women get a heroin like rush from hearing themselves talk.

7. Jumping on a grenade that’s just landed in your trench to use yourself as a human sacrifice will work and save all the other men in your trench.

8. Emos are funny.

9. We are closely related to primates.

10.I’m not sure why you’re reading this.

So i posted this on a writing site I use it's cool I get money for it :) WIN

Picture slighty 9K8C45HTQ58A related.

So i've got no reason to still be blog posting but hey why not throw a youtube vid in just for the lols. WATCH BELOW IMA TALK ABOUT IT!!!

K so if any of you have watched Ray William Johnson and seen =3 you will have seen this but man oh man is this funny.

See I think this is his world war 2 suppression coming back to bite him in the ass, you see after seeing all that world 9K8C45HTQ58A war 2 jazz he must have to let out a laugh or two :P, can we get a word count on how many times he says lol? I think we are just witnessing the inventor if this acronym dam. But yes credit to the new rick roll of 2010, In soviet Russia we roll Rick. :P.

Never gonna give you up... Let you down... never guna ha ha ha ha ye ye ye ye yeeeee lol lol lol lol lol lol lol ho ho ho ho hooooo

Rick Astley/ Russian laugh dude WIN.

ha peace out crew, thank you for reading my post that I pulled outta my ass just because I needed to join 9K8C45HTQ58A technorati. Just btw how many codes did you count?


K new game! I've started to highlight everything with a common theme and you guys have to guess it! I haven't done this with other blog posts till now I'll tell you what it is next time! Get Guessing!


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