Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday, Such A Lonely Day

Such a lonely day, and it's mine... Yes, well no I'm having a quiet friday night tonight watching youtube videos chilling away at beers here and there. I state that it's a lonely day because I'm just sitting at home. No friday night party or anything. I am however going to a 21st tomorrow which should provide me with some fun. Happy Bday steph you da best underwater hockey coach out :).

So the drama continues at school. On this episode of Avondale college... you know teenagers, if you wanna see whats going on at our school just go watch an episode of the hills and take out the crappy acting. wooooeeee if I had a dollar for every time I've heard the word slut slung at someone this week, I would have quite a few dollars. The strange thing is a lot of em are to friends who are just angry that they aren't christian and live according to the bible, sounds really like ye olde dark ages of christianity it does. We can all be thankful they aren't scientologists and think aliens are impregnating our females.

Ok so I've been doing physics at school and been lately informed of someones rule of if it's bigger it can't travel as fast due to drag and stuff so thats why light travels so fast yadeyayaya, so if so the closest star being still ages away doesn't that mean that aliens would have to be able to live millions of years to even be able to get to earth alive due to the fact that they won't be able to travel the speed of light and all that outer space shit is light years away? Whatever is the possibilities or whatever I think this person below has got it all wrong :P.

See I have heard about voids of space where there is no matter so maybe it's possible but lets get off the physical up you butthole topic for now aye, don't wanna be sounding like sheldon. :P

Ok so this video I'm about to post caught the attention of the wannabe ninja inside of me. Watch below!

They title this a fail but I would say it's more of an epic win! how many people can stop a person flying at them with one foot! Insane in the membrane! Anyways people I'll see ya round with another post another time.

Drop me a comment with some posting ideas, drop a comment saying hi, It's all cool I'll catchya guys later.

Ninja WIN!


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