Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday, Why Did I Get Outta Bed

Ever have those days? When you sit back and think, now why did I get out of bed? Well today I had one of those days and looking back in retrospect I keep asking myself this very question. I know I said this wouldn't be a bitch blog but hey after one of these days you too would be bitching bout how *F**ked your life is :P*. I love that site just btw.

Anyways lets start at the start. Alarms late I jump to put uniform on and shovel down a hasty breakfast, running out of the door with my even later brother I say if we catch the bus it has to be a good day (*side not* now I'm not too superstitous but I think god smited me just at this moment and jinxed my very words. I think I may start to become more superstitous and renew my look on religion **side side note** I use to be catholic when I was a wee little lad, I'm just waiting for some potentially bad catholic priest supressed memories to pop up any time ***side side side note*** no wonder we stopped going to mass...). Anyways we caught the bus and I was jinxed for the rest of the day. I am now going to greet my walk out of the door with. Damn today is going to be the worst day of my life so when it's horrible I can say "Ha past me was right my life sux!" or if it goes well I can say "hey that day wasn't to bad :P MLIA..." FML > MLIA just btw.

Onwards. 3rd period, Calculus test. Need I say more? I thought algebra was hard then wam! Calcubra! Bitch bitch moan moan, bear with me my friends laugh when I say come hehe come... (*side note* connatations are great). Yes so I have been crying to people I will probably never see but man it gets worse. So after school I have waterpolo. Actually nothing bad happened there. It went alright... I had a waterpolo training NBHT? Nothing bad happened there... see what I did? It was good? it was like FML and MLi... O y do I bother.

So after waterpolo I come home to relax for an hour before I go to under water hockey trials for a club team. My main computer is bugging and the antivirus is screwing up the whole computer making it very slow and lethargic. Until I can be bothered to fix it I tell my brother not to use it. I am now forced to use my moms computer which is an obselete oven which restarts without command just because it's angry that it will soon be come a factor in E-Waste, even the enviromentalists would agree that this piece needs to be put down, I'm struggling to type out a post without it randomly restarting on me. Anyways onwards to under water hockey, I get there to find my mask is missing *checks column for $90+ for new gear*... *adds that to missing school jumper checks the plus $80 column*. I come home stressed and tired after 2 and a half hours of swimming in the space of 4 hours to find my brother care free playing on the computer unprotected from an anti virus. My words to him were, don't play on there or I'll slap you, hard. Now can you guess what the best part of my day was?

Tomorrow I don't think I'm going to get out of bed...

That's me for the time being, feel prided that your life didn't suck as much as mine did today and if it did I can't really be bothered reading it cause I don't want to be so hypocritic as that I would also read the thing I despise as to what I'm already doing what I despise. So if no one loves you and no one will listen to you just remember that you can add me to the list of people who don't care about your problems :).

No but honestly sorry and maybe some other time when I'm not pissed off about nearly $200 dollars worth of lost stuff in the space of a week. Sorry for the rant, catch you cool cats later.

I typed pwnd into google images and this one made me laugh... NBHT???


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