Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, Spur Of The Moment Things Are Great

Suuuuup all. Man today is a sweet day in NZ sun's hot yet the wind is cold makes a real wierd mix of temperature but feels awesome after you've been swimming. So people today is the first day of a waterpolo tournament I'm in and I just had my first game... Now I'm at home wagging because lets be honest. School is boring :P why would I want to do calculus when i can sit at home and do nothing. but yes we did win our game 4-10 so that's just dandy :P.

What the choker in this choking pic failed to notice is that the chokee has a badass tat. As soon as this guy gets cap string out of his mouth he will proceed to beat the living daylight out of this man until his daylight is no longer living.

Soooooo my title says that things done on the spur of the moment are great. Pretty much I'm learning trumpet now 0.o. Yup went to school and now I'm learning trumpet. On the list of things I've done on the spur of the moment this actually isn't that high up there but what made me want to learn trumpet? What made me want to rub deep heat on my balls? :P *Explanation here*.

Now in my music class I was instructed to listen to Ronan Keating's - Life is a Rollercoster. Something about 3 notes in the chorus, anyways i'm not too sure but looking through the description, the video uploader had used his info tab to advertise electronic cigarettes. Talk about info unrelated... Makes me wonder if pointless advertising in random places actually works. *side note: What the hell are electric cigarettes???*

*sigh another way to make it look healthy*

anyways that's enough *buy warming lube for only 9.99 at savemart* for me today, ill see you guys on the flip flop later!

Bold theme from last time was cool s**t. Have fun guessing for this one!

O yea and there was 5 of those codes :)


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