Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday, I'm Back and Slightly Black

Ok so I've been away for a bit cause my blog was bugging up and I didn't like it and wasn't happy but now I'm back. Blog looks good again and i'm motivated to get blog posting again.

So where have I been the past month??? Well mostly over in Australia seeing my big bro Tom. Thanks for planning everything and letting me stay at your house. It was fully choice. Ok so my brother just recently moved over there to try something new, bought a house packed with asbestos *cough cough feeling the cancer already* and found themselves jobs. Now I was sadly dissapointed with the babes over in Aus or should I say... *The not so babes*. It was when I got to the beach and saw maybe one macn girl* ( see bottom ) that I lost all hope in australia. Beachers of Australia you let me down...

So now I'm back in New Zealand and have just passed the first week of school, Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation) and guess what tommorow I'm going away to school camp!!! yay. So I'll be gone for another week hopefully I'll be able to get another post up when I get back linking to all the pictures of cool shit we do!

You know what that last image had no relevance at all to any topic.

Yea so the last two images... No relevance but hey who cares.

Since I don't really have anything to talk about I'm going to link to some of the writing I do for a site called triond. If you're an aspiring writer and wanna join to make some cash. Join under my name I'll post both the referral and a writing piece. The piece is where I get pictures and talk about them. It's suppose to be kinda funny but I bet you won't think so. Leave me a comment about what you think. That's what I'm in writing for.

My referral link
Picture Pandemonium: My writing piece

Anyways thats me for this time. Have a great week without me :)

Theme from last time. *The one yonks back* Was 'down right awesome shit'

again if you don't get something or something doesn't seem right. Take a ride to this page below. It might clear some stuff up for you
Jokes and Radeeraraa

*Female In which you find so attractive you want to have intercourse with.
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