Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursday, Running In Circles

Shalom, to all my bros and especially to my jewish bros, I feel obliged to bring some hebrew out in this post as our school jew, Jakob has recently had a facebook page made for him.

Jakob the Jew FB Group

And yes the demotivator does say, jews, they really are a sub race. I find it kinda mean because he's not really a jew his dad is but you know how teenagers are. So anyways a hefty shalom to my buddy Jakob we love you, you dirty jew... O and join the club "Ima nigga flip you". If you haven't seen the nigga flip go to and get ready to have your mind blowen. It's possibly the best thing I have ever seen :P.

Ima Nigga Flip you FB Group


Ok so I've had my head running round in circles with my main computer. It's been blue screening of death out my asshole. Try to reinstall windows and format... BSOD. Try to play a game, It's fine. Try to post a blog post BSOD!!!. Try to test memory... BSOFD!!! I'm lost for words on this one but I think I'm nearly there slaving away on forums and stuff. As Cleveland would say, "it'll be nice...".

The worst thing about it is I just bought Bioshock 2 and I can't freakn install it, the anticipation is drilling into my skull. This is why I just get a ps3, sure it'd run me 600 bux but man it'd save me a whole lot of trouble. I did run a memory test on my computer and it said a good and healthy computer should have no memory problems and be able to run for weeks. My computer had multiple in the first 0.1% and then was followed by a BSOD. Atleast my computers consistent.

Anyways off to dinner, I'll see you guys on the flip flop later.

Shalom to my spartans.
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