Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday, Free Is My Favourite Word

Happy end of weekend everybody! Yes it's the end of the weekend and people are packing school bags, Brief cases and cones *for the stoners* and getting ready for a new week. I am suppose to be doing a calculus assignment but no one needs calculus so why the hell would I even bother doing it? Now I've got a question for everyone. Do you take advantage of stuff when it's free? For example, there are people handing out free samples at the food stores for new food thats on the market. Do you

A) Take one and don't take anymore because you feel like you've taken enough.
B) Take one circle round and back to get another one because its free.
C) Take as many as you can without them shooing you away for mooching of the freebies.

Now me I'm kind of a B) sort of guy but when it's gets down to the nitty gritty of your mates having a 21st and theres alot of free alcohol I'm looking at about a D).

So yes *NBHT?* I had a good time at the party drinking lots chatting to random people I didn't know... Who were also drinking lots, and overall had a good time but here comes the bad part. You know how you always feel bad after a night of drinking? Well I get a feeling in my gut like chucking would satisfy it's craving, well I had to play a waterpolo on that feeling and damn it didn't go down well, so close to projectile vomitting on the dude I was marking, alls well that ends well. Mums bacon and egg pie when i come home :).

Now people I don't want to get sick but my snot nose little brother, is coughing every few seconds around me. Now what do I do to stay healthy??? I've seen him he coughs in his hand, then puts his hand on a table?!?!? it's lose lose if I want to eat I have to eat germs :P I'm thinking I may have to give him to the gypsies who left him on our doorstep. shhhh don't tell him the truth we're waiting to break it to him that santa isn' real next year on his 15th birthday. No I tease he doesn't think santa is real atleast I hope he doesn't.

Guttered to be that kid :) anyways I'm off have a great Monday like I know you won't O btw if you wanna know what NBHT means your gunna have to read This post here!

Cya round people, stay pretty


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