Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday, Balls On Fiyah!

Hey Hey it's tuesday and as the title said my balls today were on fire! Not from a disease or a setting fire to off the pubic region but a vast amount of deep heat cream being applied to the testiculer region. Lemme explain, it was the morning and my friend was using some of this stuff on his leg because he tore a muscle or something I dunno but somehow the occasion arose that someone should put it on their nuts, so me being the silly boy I am took the fall and put a little bit on. Apparently the first amount wasn't enough so they gave me a bigger dollop to apply to my scrotum.

*This was the closest I could get to Balls on Fire... Bear **is that how you spell it?** with me*

After lathering on an excessive dosage a tingle started to befall on my balls. This quickly escalated to a searing pain. This pain can't be stopped with water, paper towels to try and remove said cream or me not thinking about them. SO after a good half an hour of burning balls it wore off leaving my bags pink, so very pink... As I always so no experience is a complete loss. *Make your friend drink till he spews... you have to clean up the spew... It seems like a complete loss at the time but you learn in the future that it's only funny till you have to clean it up. A blog post for another time maybe.* This occasion left me understanding that deep heat cream is not for the sensitive scrotum skin that protects your nuts :P.

Ok I couldn't really find a picture relating to my scrotum being on fire so this video of a guys nads getting stomped on after being lit on fire will have to do. I guess the fire part is kinda related...

So anyway my Tuesday was slightly eventful as I had to sit through the first 3 periods of school with tender nuts just trying not to move too much and prevent myself from becoming infertile :S.

That's it for me today, hopefully I can get a better, longer, less singed post out in the next couple of days, but until then. Stay pretty everybody, o so pretty, and witty and g...

It's ironic cuz FML is better :P


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