Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday, Birthday Time

It's Friday and I'm winding down after a long week. Schools been stressing, teachers have been a hating and me as always is o so lazy to do any work set out by them. Maybe that's why their hating, maybe they're on their monthly :P. Either way school is over and it's the afternoon before my friday night. OK so george one of my better mates is having drinks at his house with a few of his mates for his birthday. What a lot of people don't know is that it is actually happening. Picture this...

"It's my birthday this weekend"
"O yea happy birthday, you doing anything?"
"Yea might just have a couple of drinks at my house"
"Ok sign me up for it"... Stop there, now multiply that conversation by about 50 people. His parents are cool people but 50 teenagers at his place getting drunk is a no show for his parents so now he's told half the people that his parents are being nazis and it's all off. Ha but little do they know that a few boys and girls are still going to have some birthday fun.

I love how in this picture they make his bottle look so ruggedy and disgusting like drinking is a bad thing :P.

George and I had this joke that we should bake a cake with a dildo in it and give the cake to someone for their birthday. Soooo as his present I'm making him a cake, I've been hinting through the week that I've bought such properties of this illicit manner, this one is sure to pull a few laughs as I present him a cake in front of his parents :)

It looks appetizing now... but you just wait.

So only a short post today, I'll see you peeps later. Have a good weekend and heres one last pic to send you on your way.

Did he buy his pants from the same store as ron burgundy?
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