Monday, March 1, 2010

Tuesday Tuna

Greetings to all. So I'm winding down after a big tuesday at school, just had jazz combo and I've got me a few charts to learn. Now In a mid week like this there isn't too much to blog about so I'll bring up the point a friend of mine Matt made. Ok so while watching my other friend Elvin helplessly scoop tuna out of a tin dripping it all over his shorts bestowing a fishy stench over him, Matt brought up the point of Tuesday Tuna!

That is one big mofo of a tuna by the way. Anyways, Tuesday Tuna is a song his band plays, Blue Room Experiment, go check these guys out they know what theyre doing, head on down to myspace or facebook I don't know which one they're on every social communities the same anyways. It may be a song by Blue Room or it may be a special down at the supermarket, I honestly can't remember. If it's not a song by Blue Room they should go make it one.

Here they tied up Matt in glad wrap for no particular reason, but lets be honest Matts a poofta, we all love him, but he's a bit of a poofta, drives an orange mini and lands all the girls in the year above, but somehow he's still a poofta (Peace Matt you da man.). So yea go check out these guys cuz they got some great s**t coming out and i wouldn't be suprised if they became very famous, very soon.

My new fave band atm has to be cage the elephant. So many catchy songs, you gotta check these guys out too. they play this song that they used for a borderlands ad, so everytime I hear them it makes me wanna get a ps3, go to itunes and check these guys out.

Now I've stumbled across an image here that posed a very obvious question.

Why the hell would you leave your gun all the way over there if a lion was gunna come near?!?!

anyways that's me for today. Stay sexy world


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