Friday, July 8, 2011

Ball Night Debauchery

Ball Night Debauchery

Twas the night of the ball and all through the room
everyone was dressed handsomely,
standards of brides and grooms.
How the ball was fun everyone sat and waited
for the after ball after party,
we could not be more elated.

The ball ended as the clock struck 12
we all left the room and into the night
the teens started to delve.
stockn the pockets with beer, liqueur and wine
undressed from our suits
yet we still looked so fine

and to the venue we drove up to
hopped out of the car
and the drinks we consumed!
we drank and we drunk and we broke all things fragile
until a lot of people could no longer walk
or had limbs that were prehensile.

the after ball that was propheted so bad
had no permanent damage
except for the house to be had
so when you send your teen to a party oh so scary
just don't have it your house
teens will break stuff, be weary.

So this was my story of the afterball. SUES style!

catch you guys up. AT THE LEAST next saturday


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