Saturday, June 19, 2010

Women Have Rights JK Go Make Me A Sandwich

Women Have Rights JK Go Make Me A Sandwich

Women and their rights. Ha! They don't have rights, god put them on earth to be our sandwich makers. Not only are they only useful for a handful of things but have a sole cause to make men sandwiches. It's not exactly sexist to in saying that "Women were only created as eye candy and sandwich makers" because I can back it up with they're good at cleaning too.


No I'm kidding I'm not a stuck up chauvinistic pig who only cares about the needs of males and their 'house locked in' due to fear female slaves. I stand up for the rights of females and believe that all females *snigger* should have an *giggle* equal *teehee* part in our society... BAHAHA I couldn't even type how I feel about this. There are only two places I feel a female should be. Kitchen or bedroom. To back up how I feel about this I will tell some jokes that are tasteful to the oppression of women.

What have you done wrong when your woman is nagging you in the lounge?
Made the chain too long

Why have women never made it to the moon?
It doesn't need cleaning yet

Why do women live longer than men?
God makes up for the time spent parking

What do you tell the women with two black eyes?
Nothing you've already told her twice

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?
As many as you like they won't change anything


Aaaaa being completely honest now though, we studied women rights and the imprisonment of them in their domestic spheres as a side effect from abuse and fear. All in good fun though. I hope I don't get a whole lot of people saying I'm horrible for this post because I actually do think women rights and gender equality is an issue. Well we can only hope for the best for the future of our genders.

Oh and just something funny I thought I'd add. I told my little brother the last of those 5 jokes above... I mean abominations, his answer to it was. One and the other one to go and make me a sandwich. Hmmm guess society is corrupt.

Cya peeps, stay sexist... Oh wait I'm doin wrong...

P.S Down with the JK groups on facebook. Ugh some of them are plain horrible, but the flood of these things are really starting to annoy me


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