Monday, October 4, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

Wow have I been absent from my blog, things just get so busy that I haven't really had the time to be posting and keeping up with whats going on. So as a quick debrief of the last few weeks I'll bullet point the important things that have happened.

  • Failed My music performance at school, Don't really care because I didn't practise much and I don't need the credits.
  • Failed 7 papers in my end of year mock exams, the real one's aren't looking too good at the moment
  • Came second in the nationals school underwater hockey tournament. Kinda alrightish.
  • Made under 18 Auckland Representative team
  • Came 5th in that nationals tournament
And that about brings us to now. I'm in school holidays at the moment but have been training my ass off with the Auckland team I made. So now I can grab a bit of spare time amongst the study I have to do so I can give a little update on my blog.

I got a free 10mp camera! Thanks to my great brother Ben, his travel blog which is seldom updated but still fun to read is linked here! Ben and Kerri's Blog So hopefully in the future I'll be able to upload heaps of cool photos of my conquests and stuff like that, maybe even get a vlog going. That'd be quite cool.

So the future is bright, for my blog maybe. For my academics, I should be worried. Keep checking in, I'll be throwing out a whole lot of stuff soon if my time management doesn't go flipsy flopsy again. Picture for fun!

If anyone knows Zach Braff... I think he looks like the half life dude.

So remember to check back here always. Favourite me! Leave comments! Follow me!

Cya peeps, Get ready for summer! (for NZ, anywhere else... Good luck for winter :P)
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