Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weezer's New Album Hurley

Weezer's New Album Hurley

Weezer has recently released a new album called "Hurley." If you know lost you've probably heard this name around and yes their album is titled after the lost character Hurley. I love Weezer a lot not just for their music but with which the comical ways they conduct themselves. Some of their previous albums have just been named after themselves with only colours to tell them apart.

So the newly titled album is no surprise after the earlier escapades and laid back style of writing and naming.

The music as always is good, I love Weezer's style of playing as it still upholds the same feel as they had from the day they started playing. I've seen a few youtube videos of them playing with people like Tay Zonday and they even made an appearance with the Gregory brothers in auto tune the news where they used a backing track from their song Memories.

This is Weezer playing with Jorge Garcia (Hurley)

Weezer featuring in a video with Gregory brothers, they've taken a backing track from Weezer's song Memories which I'll post after this video. Go check out schmoyoho (Gregory brothers) on youtube! They autotune some good stuff.

Weezer's Memories

Go check out Weezer's youtube channel aswell. In that last video they were with the guys from Jackass. Weezer are all around the show with celebrities and musicians and it's really cool to see.

Hurley (Deluxe Version)

So that's my little piece of why I love Weezer and their new album. Hope you guys like them too!

P.S I've got my camera up and running so be expecting some cool stuff to be coming soon!
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Cya guys and stay fat on the island like Hurley somehow did 0.o


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