Wednesday, October 13, 2010

May Have A Shirt Design

May Have A Shirt Design

Hey there people

I'm pretty excited as I've designed a shirt graphic made from pictures from flickr. I've run into a bit of a hitch but am hoping it works itself out. Ya see I was looking in the section of photos with a creative commons licence that allow adaptation and allow the graphic to be used commercially, I found some sweet images and put them together into a cool image that goes with a running joke me and my friend Matt have. The problem is, after I'd done all the photoshopping and cutting and stuff I looked back to see that on neither of the photos had I clicked *allow commercial use* so on this finished graphic which I was pleased with, I couldn't actually use either of the photos. I'm now waiting on one more of the image creators to email me back to allow me to use it commercially *the first one did and gave me the heads up so I'm really stoked with him! Go check out his flickr!*

So here's the image (put together with cafepress)

They allowed it to be adapted and shown on the internet still :D

This shirt is a mathematics joke so I don't blame you if you don't get it. There are things in maths called conics which are pretty much cones with a plane bisector through them which then show a graph. I have explained this poorly but it gives a brief idea.

So lets hope for the best with this shirt and hope it gets approved. As for my studies and exams, I'm still doing them and I just had a bit of free time on my hands to do this image and get a blog post out so lets hope for more free time to get more blog posts out!

Cya guys have a good Thursday... Only Thursday... UGH


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