Monday, August 16, 2010

Trumpet Graduation

Trumpet Graduation

Since I have no actual post and no idea of what to write about so I thought I'd give you guys an update on where am I with my trumpet playing. I'm doing great, getting those high notes and soon (hopefully this Wednesday) I'm going to graduate from the first book that I've been assigned to! So pretty stoked about that, I end my spiel about my trumpet playing. In commemoration. Awesome trumpet performances.

The last few seconds of this has some amazing high notes that make a lot of people playing them pass out. IF they could play them at all

This one is long but I just like it as a piece in general. I'm getting more into jazz these days. Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Parker, Miles Davis. All those guys had there stuff down aye.'

Enjoy those two, I picked them especially. So yes I don't actually have too much to say atm. Trying to fit so many things into life. Writing, trying to learn photoshopping, music, homework and other assortments of various things. Life is packed at the moment! So I'll keep it short.

Cya round guys, hope I didn't bore you... Too much :D
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