Monday, October 18, 2010

Angry Birds, iPhones Are Addictive

Angry Birds, iPhones Are Addictive

I've recently been sifting through my friends iPhone to find many addicting games. One I've recently found to be quite addicting is the angry birds application. I myself don't own any form of angry bird playing medium so it's probably why I find these little apps to be so addicting and fun.

So Angry Birds made me wonder about the actual playability of these iPhone and other iPod touch games compared to other medium. I guess this can vaguely be related to my other technological posts and my view on them. iPad, Seigway. Go read them and see what you think of the up and coming fad that is the iPad and the futuristic form of transport... The Seigway.

So back to Angry Birds, among other apps I found this one along with doodle jumper to be quite amusing but I couldn't see myself playing these little games for hours on end. It does seem like Apple is winning in the long run charging what seems like a mere amount of a dollar relative to the time you may or may not spend on these little applications. I can imagine the creators of these games rolling around in their pool of dollar coins laughing as we sit squinty eyed trying to focus on a tiny screen, what a sucker we say... It only cost me a buck. However buck upon buck we see us buying more and more applications, more little games just like Angry birds but hey for a buck I would feel happy with even the little enjoyment I got out of a borrowed turn on a friends iPhone. I guess that's why no one goes to arcades anymore.

So at the end of the day, looking back at the cost of the apps to the relative enjoyment I got out of them, I would definitely consider getting an iSomething. A dollar aint too bad and some games I could imagine being played for hours. So if you aren't too stingy, a good few bucks could turn into a good few hours of fun on a device that can play music, movies and photos. Sounds pretty good at the moment.

Cya guys around.

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