Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kill Your Friends

Kill Your Friends

Well I've just been out playing a certain game all day and for some reason you got rewarded for killing your team mates, and no it was not on any computer game.

I just thought this was cool.

We were playing laser tag. In a nutshell you run around in the dark trying to shoot/blind your friends with a laser beam. Here's a little video I found on Youtube about laser tag.

And so back to my title. I was playing laser tag with my under water hockey team as a sort of farewell function for all the players leaving school. Now me being the apex of laser tag skill was not doing too well in one round so I decided to start shooting my own team mates and wonder how long it would take them to figure out it was me. Now I was using the knowledge that we don't get any disadvantage for shooting our own team so shooting season was open to me who wanted to be annoying.

So shooting away I went. POW!
"Oh snap someone hit me" - Friend
"I think there's a sniper up on that ledge" - Me
*Friend respawns* POW
"Damn, that guy is a fiend with that gun" - Friend
"Yea he's been up there all round" - Me
*Another friend jumps behind our set of barrels*
"Bro try take out that sniper with us" - Friend 1
POW! POOOW! *Two dead friends*
"How does he keep getting us we were hardly above the barrier???" - Friend 1
*More team mates stack up behind this barrier*
"I dunno but imma step back and try shoot him"
POW! PoOoW! PEW? *all dead*
*A general WTF coming from my team mates*

It took them a good while before they found out it was me... And when they did I continued to stalk/hunt/dominate my team mates. It was only when we left the room to check our scores do we see that I had the most points... And most pissed off friends to accompany.

Moral of the story, if you have the choice. Kill your friends.

Cya guys later and don't murder anyone.

PS! I've made the decision I'm going to start a vlog just to see where it goes.
Things I need...

  • Good video editing software
  • Better camera (coming soon, bear with me for the mean time)
  • Some time on my hands
All this is expected to come. Oh and I'll be uploading regular photo updates of things I do! so stay posted!


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