Sunday, October 24, 2010

Drivers Licence Test

Drivers Licence Test

Ok so I've been a tad absent since I got this but yay I passed my driving test! I've just had the long weekend so I've been busy at the beach and stuff like that so I've got a couple of photos for you guys!

So we went to the beach to walk around the sand dunes and give my brother (Ben) and his wife's dog a walk around the beach/river/lake that was around there.

Sand dunes and dad (peter) to the left

Ben, James and Dad

Ben and a huge sand dune that I raced 

Some more sandy dunes

Dunes... again

Gizelle the mini schnowzer with Kerri, Ben and James

Gizelle after a drink of water with our picnic

So that was our little day at the sand dunes of the beach, I hope you liked the photos and I hope to get a few more out every now and again. I've actually got a couple more photos to show you that I've just taken during the week. Enjoy!

I was playing around with the settings on my camera to try get a nice clear photo, I finally got a semi decent on of these two daisies.

This is of a mint plant I took a photo of, I changed it to black and white but partially left the colour in the flower that was growing on it.

Taking all these photos really made me wish I had a good DSLR camera but hey I'll be happy with the digital camera I have at the moment.

So those are my photos that I've been taking recently, again I hope you've enjoyed.

As for other news, the guy who came back with a reply for the Gin & Conic shirt idea, hasn't further replied. So now I'm in the process of finding a new one because he wussed out and wouldn't reply. I might end up making my own but in the mean time while I'm still busy with exams, It's going to have to wait.

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Cya guys on the flip flop later!


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