Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday Morning, Bakings' Dawning

Sunday Morning no rain is failling. Clear skies and the NZ crickets are chirpn away.
Ok in my last post I said I was going out to get on the drink and that I did. Wasn't too intensive though. Me and my mate george sat around drinking beer watchn movies (yes sad... so very sad). Our party plans fell through so that's what we resorted to.

Anyways I bet your wondering why baking is dawning (like said title ^_^) Well on saturday morning george and I went to our mates place to do baking. (yes sad... so very sad) ok so we did baking cause lets be honest our mothers are useless and don't bake our own baked goods. So we baked a coconut slice, got bored and ended up playing killzone 2 all day (it's a womans job you can't expect us to do it for too long.

nom nom nom

We took a whole load of pics to make all our mates who didn't come baking jealous, they should be on facebook sooner or later and i'll throw a link up if anyone is actually desperate to see us in action. So we were baking and it ended up with about 10 of us "baking" and by baking i mean making our titled jew, (every group just have to have a jew) Jakob do all the work.

Now I'd just like to say if you think a whole lotta teenage boys baking is gay... All I have to say is where is your delicious coconut slice. Suckas!

As my plans for tonight, I've got none it's sunday night and I'm gunna be going to under water hockey training. (yes I know the joke sport)...

catchya all around

I just find this guy funny...


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