Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beatbox Flute

Beatbox Flute

So yes there is a new audible sensation that I have been exposed to lately. It isn't the wonderful powers of the music that apparently makes you high, no. It's beatbox flute! I've recently written it over at (check my earlier post) and am definitely liking it over there. Integration with amazon and ebay makes everything really easy and they pay you just for having a people popular lens. No income yet but a few of my better lenses are going to earn some coin when the month of no pay go past. Fingers crossed.

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So that's my referral and one of my latest articles. Go check both those out and get writing. But now for the grand unveiling of. Beatbox Flute POW... Check below.

Beatbox Flute

This guy has many videos on youtube, including some ones of him just beatbox flute jamming away. He's definitely an idol of mine at the moment so go check some other videos of his out and I'll see you guys later!

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