Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Biology Assignment

Biology Assignment

Well I've finished my major assignment that's been stilting my blog posting recently so now I'm back and should be able to throw a few more posts out. I'd like to point your attention to my ever so quickly growing views over at squidoo. With a few of my lenses sitting quite pretty in the 3rd tier I'm quite happy with how it's looking over there. I'd like to point your attention towards this lens here

I created this lens not too long ago and think you guys should give it a view aye. I want some people who view it to post the album they make through it. (Don't worry it's just the cover, name and band you don't have to make music) As of now it's just early days so no one has posted but get to it. It's easy and looks cool in a way :D

As always I appreciate a good image. So here we have this guy looking for WATUHMELONS!

Have a good one people. Sorry for the short post and

cya peeps lata! Stay WATUHMELON?

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