Saturday, August 7, 2010

End Of The World

End Of The World

So it has come to my belief that the end of the world will be imminent for 2012. I only have a short time on the earth before all goes tits up and we are 6 feet deep in our own crap. It has been stated that all is just a rumour and the ancient whoevers got their calender mixed up. So in tribute I go over the "impending dooms" of the past.

First that pops into mind is Y2K. Computers all around the world will malfunction because the date on the computer will not be incomprehensible. I can understand where the problem lay with that but honestly some people locked themselves in little domes made of steel and canned food in the hopes that the computers won't find and kill them as the computers of the world revolt. The major flaw I see is that if computers are so dangerous (I'll be back) couldn't the decipher through the huge amounts of information stored on the computer network where all the lunatics who are stowing themselves away are? I would think so.

Next on the list we have 6/6/06. The evil number of the lord! The dates caught up with us and since the numbers and the dates slightly correlate the world is going to end. Satin is going to rise from the depths and sodomize all in his path! Yes these rumours were getting thrown around at our school which seems like not to long ago either. 5 years runs past quickly when we've got world ending events to cover. I would of thought the great London fire of 1666 would have already occupied date but hey, guess not.

Larger Hadron Atom Collider. Now this one may seem new to readers. It is true that every teen I talked to thought that there was a chance that two atoms colliding could create a black hole large enough to suck the whole earth into it. Other people at my school saw it as a chance to tell the girls they liked the truth. Ha jokes on them when the earth didn't get sucked into a gravitational abyss. One of my friends bet someone $20 the world would end. Think about that one for a while.

And lastly we add to the list. Swine flu. As this flu was fatal from the start only to the elderly and sick who already had death knocking at their door. It kind of didn't catch on very well that it may be come a mutated epidemic. I laughed it off until no one started dying. Then I didn't brace the doors with wood to stop all disease and germ from entering my house. Another article I've written about this to give a slight bit more insight.

Swine Flew

So now we can only hope that 2012 like the rest of the times the world should of ended won't take us out of the universe. It might just so act as if it's the last days of Rome people. You're lucky enough to be warned this early so go get rowdy now if you know what I mean. :D

Cya people! Stick around for the end of the world



Atroxion said... [Reply to comment]

Bleh! This is all just a bunch of nonsense. The whole thing with the swine flu was hilarious, but it doesn't even come near to the 6/6/06 crap that went around. And the only way the world could end in 2012 is if the story of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 came to life. And I don't see that happening anytime soon.

miniwriter said... [Reply to comment]


Even if it doesn't I should still probably build a dome shelter just incase of the tactical nukes

Atroxion said... [Reply to comment]

Yep, those tactical nukes are driving everyone crazy.

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