Friday, July 23, 2010

The New Urban Dictionary

The New Urban Dictionary

Well I've shamelessly copied the idea from a fellow blogger so it's only fair he gets a mention. His ideas were very creative and so I thought I'd add my ideas and thoughts towards some new urban dictionary phrases.

So here goes

Crocodile hunter
 - Put on a balaclava and when talking use a husky unrecognisable voice (preferably Australian sounding). Pounce on your partner while unaware and try to perform intercourse while yelling *this shielas a fighter*
    - In dedication to Steve Irwin

E.g: I felt like Steve Irwin one night and I didn't have a crocodile, so I did the crocodile hunter on my wife instead

Lindsay Lohan
 - Inform your partner that you are acting out a jail scene. Your partner if he/she is open minded will play along. That's when you bend your partner over, start spanking said person, pulling her hair and shouting I've been a Mean Girl over and over again. Haha these Lindsay Lohan jokes just keep coming...

 E.g: This bitch I was banging was DUI so in suit I gave her a Lindsay Lohan 

Candle Wack
 - Tell your partner that if they make a sound you will proceed to slap them in the face with your penis

 E.g: I was tired from work and she kept trying to talk to me. So I gave her a candle wack. Now I'm facing abuse charges.

Cya peeps, don't do any of these...
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*Squidoo update* I've got another lens in tier 3 which I think gives me another 8% of some sort of ad pool. So I'm really excited for the payday which looks like it might be bright XD
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