Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do You Squidoo

Do You Squidoo

Hello all and here I am today to tell you about something I'm just finding a new to me. It's the site squidoo. Yes another writing site for me to splurge on and again about anything I want to. It's got a unique system of putting lenses (pages you create) into tiers and then are payed accordingly compared to the overall lens rank that your lens has achieved. So I've been pondering at that site lately, making a few lenses and waiting till the next month to see if any of my better lenses rake in any cash. I'm staying hopeful but not expecting anything big. Wish me luck!

So here's the links to everything I've written there. Including the piece I wrote in the hopes of achieving affiliate glory when I was trying with the whole affiliate thing. Yea wasn't for me. I went back about a week back and found out that with the minimal views it achieved I'd still earned money so I was pretty stoked with that. Enough blabbering here's the links.

Fight Club: Mind Fuck Time
Bearded Dragons: Australian Lizard
Triond: No Money There (Rant lens, take a look anyway)
Bioshock 2 Big Sister
How To Create A Band, Album Name and Album Cover
The Affiliate Code (Lens which has proven earnings)

As always here's my Triond referral link

Riches Await!
*Update* Squidoo does referrals too!

So yea I've just been spending some time over there trying to earn a few cents. Apparently you aren't payed according to lens rank until after the first month. So I'm going to wait a month for my tier 3 lens to possibly earn some cash before I lose all hope in squidoo. But do get over there, thumbs up my stuff and let me know how I'm going.

I do love meaningless random pictures

So head over to squidoo, they've got a really friendly community and the future looks bright. I'll give you an update when I see what happens aye.

Cya later, Get earning

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