Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Guy With No Virginity

The Guy With No Virginity

Hey guys!

 Yes I know it's been awhile but I'd like to say it's time consuming doing so much school work and looking for jobs and things like that. I have found some work but only temporary which kinda sucks but gives me some more time to jump on my blog and give everyone a run down of whats been going on.

So I bet you're wondering "hey Sam why is your post titled the guy with no virginity?" Well fellow reader it's because of a biology incident that happened only a few days ago. So let's find out about the guy with no virginity.

So in Biology we're learning about evolution and the parts of the brain that control different emotions, and we're being told the story of the guy who blew the front of his head of with a bolt. Turns out it changed his personality because the frontal lobe or something yadeyayaya. So he started gambling, womanizing and spending all his money, the teacher asked the class "what is this guy missing if he has no frontal lobe or one with a bolt in his head?" To which a student in my class said.

His virginity...

This raised a question to me about this guy and the whole losing of his virginity.

Would you sleep with guy with a bolt in his head or missing a forehead in this case? Yaaar I sleep with ye fore head *amazing I come up with all of these myself :).*

I rest my case

As a conclusion, you will not lose your virginity if you don't have a forehead.
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