Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Toilet Spurs Memory

The Toilet Spurs Memory

Well now I was standing at the toilet, slashing away *urinating* when I thought "man I should go get that song that I'm humming and singing to myself right now". So quite happy with myself and my decision to get this song I finished up and walked back to my computer. I sit down and start singing along to the Oasis that was playing. And oh no there it goes I can't remember which song I wanted to get. Arduously and tediously I start thinking, I think at one point I could smell the hair on my head burning from the over heating my brain was doing. I paced, I pondered, I got some oreos and procrastinated some more. This thinking was killing me I really wanted to listen to that song and I couldn't because I couldn't remember a single fragment of the song. At one point I even googled "how to remember things". Didn't really help out in the long run. I had a genius idea! And a genius idea it really was. I walked into the toilet. dropped my jocks and pretended to take a slash.

Nom on your poop
And there it was! The song I wanted to get, the one I'd drilled my memory for a good half an hour for. Right there sitting with me in the toilet. I didn't want to leave the bathroom in fear I'd lose it again. I got it though and might I tell you it was one of the most satisfying feelings finally remembering this song.

Come on people, tell me what you've just remember

oh and people, stay toileted?


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